Online Casino Real Money Bonuses In 2021

Regardless of whether a player is new to the real money casino NZ scene, or a seasoned veteran, they are certainly interested in an online casino real money bonus. There is, after all, no better way to get more mileage out of a gambling site and grab a few additional hours of entertainment. Though, some New Zealand iGaming newcomers may be a little unsure as to how exactly these promotional offers actually work.

Let’s take a closer look and get a better idea.

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What Is A Real Money Bonus?

Just as the name says, an online casino real money bonus is an award given by a gambling site that has real money value and can be used to win real money. Though, it is important to keep in mind that Bonus Cash and Free Spins come with wagering requirements. This means that certain terms will have to be met before Bonus Cash, or any cash win with Bonus Cash, may be withdrawn from the casino.

A wagering requirement will appear as something like 40x, which indicates that the full amount of the reward will have to bet 40 times before it may be withdrawn. The specifics of the requirements will vary, so it is important to pay close attention to the terms and conditions before accepting any deals.

Some of the best online casinos in new zealand that offer real money bonuses 

Match Bonuses

The most common online casino real money bonus comes in the form of a Match Bonus. Tis bonus also does what it says on the tin – it matches your deposit. For example, if a player deposits $100, the amount will be matched 100%. This means that the initial amount of $100, plus an additional $100 in Bonus Cash will be added to the account. The specifics of this deal will depend on the real money casino NZ in question.

No Deposit Bonus

Another popular promotion at an online casino real money NZ is a no deposit reward. This sort of a promotion works just like a deposit bonus, but is awarded simply for the creation of an account. Once a player has registered, and their account is active, a no deposit reward will become active. Of course, a no deposit reward will generally be far more modest than one granted for making a deposit. Even still, no deposit rewards are useful for exploring a new site, and getting a better idea of the games on offer.

Free Spins

Rewards generally come in two categories; cash and Free Spins. Free Spins are exactly what they sound like; spins on a pokie that do not cost the player a cent. Generally, most online casinos real money NZ will offer Free Spins, given how popular pokies are.

 Which Games Can You Play Using A Real Money Bonus?

An important factor to take into account is that sometimes Free Spins will be limited to specific games, and are not valid for every pokie at the online casino real money. Details of this sort will generally be provided when the bonus is granted, or can be found under the terms and conditions. Bonus Cash, on the other hand, can almost always be used to play any game, without limitations.

Where Can I Find Promotions?

So where exactly can an online casino real money deal be found? The fastest way to locate a good deal is by navigating to a gambling site’s ‘promotions’ section. A labelled tab will usually be found on the homepage, and will be the fastest route to checking out the various deals on offer. Alternatively, there are a number of third party sites, such as those that provide casino reviews, which provide information regarding a number of casinos. Information relating to the promotional offers at a number of sites will be displayed, and updated regularly.

Which Real Money Promotions Are Popular?

The simple answer is that all online casino real money bonuses are popular. Given that they provide players with hours of extra fun, and can also mean extra payouts and bigger wins, New Zealand players often jump at the chance to grab any kind of special offer. However, in being more specific, it can be said that no deposit rewards are the most popular. Since the deal requires no cash up front, and has no strings attached, many smart players will use the deal to check out a casino in more detail.

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Can I withdraw my Bonus Cash?

Yes, a bonus, and any money made with it, can be withdrawn. However, withdrawal will be subject to a wagering requirements and other various terms and conditions. That is why it is important to check terms and conditions before accepting a promotional deal.

Can I forfeit my bonuses?

Promotions and other online casino real money rewards may be forfeited under certain conditions. For example, Bonus Cash and Free Spins may only be valid for a certain length of time. If that time is exceeded, the rewards could become forfeit. The terms and conditions of the site should be checked for specific details on this matter

Can I play casino games with my Bonus Cash?

Of course. Bonus Cash may generally be used to play any games, and real money may be won in the process. Though, Free Spins may be limited only to specific pokies.

Can I get a reward without depositing?

Some real money casinos NZ offer a no deposit deal. This will be awarded simply for the creation of on account, and will not require that a deposit be made. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details