Eco Banking Method

The Eco banking method is a system that employs a number of ways to accomplish all your banking needs using the most professional and discreet services available. Known as ecoPayz, it is designed for the global market. The system delivers fast and handy payment assistance to clients and businesses around the world. EcoPayz derives great satisfaction from the services and banking options that it provides its clients.

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Players are looking for security and convenience as well as the composure and serenity that come with such security. Gamers want to play in confidence, especially when banking with the online casino NZ. Customers expect that all of their banking be done in complete privacy and to know that all their withdrawals and deposits will be accomplished in a timely fashion. Kiwis can rely on the Eco banking method for safe and sound online payments with no dramas.

Within the eco banking method comes a mechanism that can be employed with all transactions called the EcoCard. As in European countries, Kiwis now are also privileged with this fine e-wallet. The EcoCard is denial-free, meaning it cannot be refused when employed in your gambling activity. Because it shows actual online balances of your account, it is the perfect medium for withdrawing and depositing at your favourite online casino. All your gambling history can be followed enabling you to know at any time what your balance actually is. 

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EcoCard and EcoVirtualCard

Another component of the Eco banking system is the ecoVirtualcard. Advantages of using the ecoVirtualCard include that it is accepted around the world can be obtained instantly and cannot be used by others if stolen or lost. The ecoVirtualcard has been created for safe, one-time payments online. It can be produced rapidly in the “ecoVirtualcard” area of your ecoAccount. For your protection and safety, the minute you complete a successful transaction, the ecoVitualcard is instantly cancelled. This way your personal details can never be used by anyone else. As soon as you make another payment, you make a new eco Virtual card for other payments or purchases.

Because the Eco banking method entails expedient payments which are secure and safe, there are multiple ways to ensure that your payments are quick, secure and simple. There are numerous ways to replenish your account. Personal online bank accounts, debit and credit cards, bank transfers or even physically going into your bank, are all accepted ways to fund your EcoCard. EcoCard is accepted in more than twenty-five countries with the Electronic Fund Transfer also known as EFT. When you withdraw funds using the EcoCard, you obtain speedy and stress -free withdrawals that are applied to your EcoCard account in one to five working days. 


Go to the 'Deposit' section


  Choose ecocard as the payment method


   Insert the amount you wish to deposit from your account


  Then insert your username and password


  Press “Next” or “Submit” button. Funds are transferred

Sending Money

Through an ecoAccount, money can be instantaneously sent to forty-five countries. With ecoAccount, Kiwis can play the online casino of their choice with one of the best NZ banking casino options available. Thanks to the convenience of the EcoCard you can use it on mobile with your iPhone, iPad or Android device. There is an app you can access which allows you to enter your account twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. If you happen to be travelling or sitting on a bench somewhere or maybe even happen to be at the hot pools in Rotorua, you can win NZ dollars at your preferred casino by tapping into the eco banking method, even using your ecoVirtualcard.

To send money, make sure that you have an active ecoAccount and that it is registered with the casino you want to gamble at. After you go to the casinos website, log on to your account. Navigate to the “Deposit” area and select ecoPayz as your means of payment. Include the amount that you want to deposit from your account. After including your password as well as the username, press “Submit”.

It is as easy as that and you now are ready to commence gambling. Money can be immediately retrieved and paid by way of the ecoAccount, ecoCard and ecoVirtual card. A great reason to use the eco banking method is it is a very inexpensive operation and one of the less expensive ways to send money. The receiver incurs no cost and just a small fee of approximately one and a half percent to the sender. There are some limits and fees for international money transfers.

  • Quick easy online payments
  • Prepaid debit card
  • Easy to use platform
  • Lots of account limitations
  • Fees for internal transfers

It's Fun and Rewarding to Use the Eco Banking Method

By using your EcoAccount, you receive exclusive rewards. There is a wide array of offers that you can enjoy. By logging onto to your eco account, you can find the many promotions that are offered by selecting the promotions tab. Club ecoPayz explains about up-to-date offers and how to take advantage of your eco account and ecocard. There are monthly promotions that ecoCard and ecoVirtualcard holders can access. Fantastic prizes are given out throughout the year with special promotions. Emails will be sent to account holders telling about the promotions.

Every transaction is automatically encrypted from your personal web browser to the web site by means of the Secure Sockets Layer protocol. The site is certified by the Thawte Certification Authority. This guarantees that your details will be securely guarded. Internet servers that gather personal information are physically removed from all other hardware in restricted, highly secure, areas. Client information is kept safely behind firewalls with no direct connection to the Internet. This means that all personal information is accessible only to official workplaces. Regular backups guarantee that your transaction history stays safe.

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