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Many of us are a bit jumpy still about paying for goods and services online. How do you know that it’s safe? How do you remember all of the various passwords that you have? But one of the great things today when you play in NZ dollars is that there are so many ways to pay for those games. You don’t have to use a credit card or a debit card. You don’t have to use a specific type of paying plan if it’s not one that makes you comfortable.

The options are simply endless, and one of the best methods for those who worry about these things is the Paysafe Banking Method. This method is a brilliant way to pay for online casino NZ playing without worrying for one second about your safety or your identity. And here’s why.

Top 2021 PaysafeCard Online Casinos In New Zealand 

How the Paysafe Banking Method Works

The Paysafe Banking Method is about as simple as it comes. You buy the card at one of the 500,000 sales outlets. You can buy them in different payment increments, and then there is a 16 digit number code on the card. You’ll then join the millions of people making transactions and you’ll enjoy one of the online casino deposit methods that works for anyone. In 2014 alone, they had 86 million transactions in 41 countries and 22 currencies. This shows that when you play in NZ dollars, you really don’t want to play any other way. There are so many people who use this simple method to enjoy gaming.

How to Indicate You’re Ready

Now, when you get to the online casino NZ location, you simply designate that you are using the Paysafe Banking Method. You’ll then put your 16 digit number in and the casino will know how much money you have to spend. That’s it! You don’t have to give your personal information to anyone. You don’t have to remember another user name  and password. You don’t have to worry about paying for the playing you want to do when your Visa statement comes.

You’ve already put out the money when you purchased the card. Now, you can anonymously get to playing the games you love to play. This is certainly one of the best online casino deposit methods and it allows for such simplicity of use.

  • Multiple Currencies Support

  • Robust Security

  • Web-Based UI

  • Generate Reports

  • Stars from 15% for transaction

  • 3,9% fee + $150 Transaction fee

Withdrawals Using Paysafecard

The majority of online bookmakers and casinos do not facilitate withdrawals using Paysafecard. But there are always exceptions to the rule, so check to see if it’s allowed before you sign up. Then, buy Paysafe vouchers online NZ to credit your account and withdraw the same way!

If it is, simply:


Sign in to your online casino or sportsbook account


Head to the Banking, Cashier, or similar section


Indicate that you would like to use the Paysafecard process


Enter the amount you wish to withdraw


Follow the onscreen prompts!

So Many Benefits

There are so many benefits with the Paysafe Banking Method. First of all, obviously, is the anonymity. It’s completely anonymous to purchase these cards and to use them. No one will ever have to know your identity and you don’t leave a trail in any way. You only use what you purchase, so you don’t have to worry about going into overdraft. You can also gift these cards to other people for online casino NZ fun. You can buy them a card and they can use it when they are ready to do so. In addition, you can buy a bunch of cards and then just let them sit in your drawer. You’ll always know that you’re ready to play because you’ll have a card in your hand.

All of these reasons show that the Paysafe Banking Method is a brilliant payment method for playing today. Take the guess work out of paying for the games you want to play and have a blast as you go along with the method that keeps it all anonymous – all the time.

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How safe is it to deposit with Paysafecard?

It’s actually safer to use Paysafecard than it is to use your credit or debit card to deposit online because you’re not sharing any personal information when you do. It’s as secure as it is easy to buy Paysafe vouchers online NZ and use them.

Do my withdrawals get taxed?


Can I make a withdrawal using Paysafecard?

Players can request withdrawals to their account by entering their registered email addresses at the online casino Paysafe that allow it. That money will then be credited to their accounts.

Can I get a bonus when depositing with Paysafecard?

Yes. You may even receive extra bonuses when you use buy Paysafe vouchers online NZ and use them at selected casinos!

What is a MyPaysafecard?

MyPaysafecard is a handy app that lets you access your account with this payment service provider. You can check your balance, review your transaction history, and even top up your credit with another Paysafecard PIN. Using this lets you transact via your mobile device without involving your bank account or credit facilities and offers complete control of your Paysafecard account. There is additionally a built-in QR code scanner for your Paysafecard PIN, making the whole process that much quicker.

Are there any fees or limits attached to Paysafecard?

No, you will not be asked to pay any additional charges when you use Paysafecard at online casinos except if you haven't used the system for over a year. And the only limits in place will be the ones the NZ casinos we recommend have put in place to ensure you don’t overspend! uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details