PurplePay Visa Payment Method

PurplePay Visa is a payment method that could turn out to be quite rewarding for Kiwi players. The branded cards are issued by SBS Money Limited, which receives them from Visa Inc., one of the most trusted financial services brands in the world.

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The method is something between a credit card and a prepaid voucher. To add to its appeal, there are interest-free periods, and you earn a Purple Dollar for every NZ$1 that you spend using the online payment method NZ – and that includes making online casino deposits. What’s more, the card can be used for withdrawals as well.

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How To Use PurplePay

The easiest way to use the PurplePay Visa at your favourite online casino that accepts it would be to use it as you would use a credit card. After logging into your account, you would need to select the deposit option. Once the page has opened, you will be presented with a list of payment methods.

You can select PurplePay Visa from the list, and then enter the amount of money you want to deposit into your casino account. You will be prompted to enter some information from your card before the transaction is processed. What’s more, the site will give you the option of storing some of that information so that your future deposits are faster.

After entering and confirming the required details, including the cardholder name, expiry date, card number, and security code, your deposit will be processed immediately. Be aware that you will be charged a $55 fee the first time you use the online payment method NZ. Thereafter, you will be charged the same amount once a year. There is a 55-day interest free period after using the card.

The deposits you make using the method will earn Purple Dollars. You can redeem them at participating retailers in New Zealand.

Making Card Payments

There are several different ways you can pay for the spending that you do with your PurplePay Visa. You can set a direct debit by downloading and completing the relevant form from the card website, and the mailing it to the address supplied.

You can set an automatic transaction by contacting your bank or using your online banking profile. You can make one-off transfer to the card weekly or monthly from your online banking profile. Finally, and this is one of the ways in which the payment method is tailored to players in New Zealand, you can make an over-the-counter payment at an NZ Post Shop. If you choose the latter, you will need to pay a $1.50 fee.

Withdrawals And Fees

You can use the online payment method NZ to make casino withdrawals. To do so, select the withdrawal or cashout option after signing into your casino account, and then select PurplePay Visa from the list of accepted methods. You will be prompted to enter the amount and a few details as well as the code supplied with your card. Once your withdrawal has been processed, something which may take a few days, you can use the card to withdraw the money at an ATM. Be aware that you will be charged a $1.00 fee for withdrawals.

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Security And Safety

You can have peace of mind when using PurplePay Visa, as the cards and the best New Zealand online casinos are protected by cutting-edge data encryption. Even so, we recommend that you look after your card just as you would one of your bank cards. Do not let anyone have access to the cardholder details, card number, or the codes.

Pros And Cons

  • PurplePay Visa cards are supplied by a leading global brand
  • The online payment method NZ is secure
  • The method is easy to use at casinos online
  • Interest-free periods and Purple Dollar rewards
  • The $55 establishment fee is quite high
  • There is a fee for over-the-counter transactions

Our tips for using the payment method include paying the balance in full as soon as possible after making a casino deposit, keeping your card safe, and setting and sticking to a gaming budget.

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