Why Baccarat Is The Best Online Casino Game

Baccarat is often rated as the best online casino game for players who want the excitement of Blackjack with the simplicity of pokies. Unlike many other card games, there is nothing to do once the bets are placed, and the outcome is simply left to chance.

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There are also three separate betting options with low and high-risk choices where the payouts can be as high as 8:1. Available in both electronic format and live dealer options, this is a great online casino game for both novices and experts.

About Punto Banco Baccarat

Baccarat is one of the few online games in New Zealand where the land-based version is slightly different. The version played online is called Punto Banco or Player/Banker. This is slightly different to the traditional land-based version of Baccarat, which is known as Chemin de Fer.

If you are familiar with your classic 007 films, you may have seen 007 playing a round or two at some of Europe’s most iconic casinos. In Chemin de Fer, players compete against each other, and players take turns in being the Banker.

Punto Banco is much easier, as you play directly against the house. The online version uses random number generators to produce the results, while the live dealer version uses real cards and real tables with a dealer controlling the action.

Structure and Betting Options

As with many online casino games, Baccarat can be played on your desktop computer or mobile device. The setup includes a single screen displaying the half-moon table with the virtual dealer at the top, the cards on the side and the three main betting options down the middle of the table. In the live dealer version, up to seven players can join a table at one time.

The aim of Punto Banco is to predict which hand will win even before the cards have been dealt, and this element of unpredictability makes it the best online casino game for players with a sense of adventure.

The first step is to place your bet. With the online and live dealer version, bets are placed by clicking on the chips and placing them on any one of the three highlighted betting areas on the table. You have the choice of betting on the Player hand, the Banker hand or on a tie. Betting on the Player hand yields a payout of 1:1, while a bet on the Banker hands pays slightly less as the Banker takes a cut. A tie pays out the most at 8:1, but is a risky bet, as ties do not happen very often.

Winning a Round

One of the reasons why Baccarat is often viewed as the best online casino game is because of its simplicity. Once you have chosen your bet, there is really nothing else left to do. After all the bets have been placed, the dealer will deal 2 cards face-up to the Player hand and 2 cards face-up to the Banker hand. A third card can be drawn for either hand if required. Once the cards have been dealt, the two hands are compared and the hand with the highest score wins. The bets are then paid out accordingly.

Basic Betting Strategies

Baccarat is one of the few online casino games where all the strategies are based around the initial betting stage. Since the hand outcome cannot be affected, deciding when and how much to bet is the focus here.

Some players institute classic wagering strategies like the Martingale system where you double your bet after each loss. Others focus on adding in a tie bet after every couple of rounds to boost the chances of a major win. Whatever you decide, this is one of the easiest and most enjoyable online games in New Zealand and deserves a try!

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