How to Play Online Poker NZ

For a growing number of players, online Poker NZ is the card game family that keeps giving. If you are one of the Kiwis who knows of it but doesn’t know how to play it, you are in luck, because is here to share the basics.

The trustworthy New Zealand casinos we recommend are powered by the gaming industry’s best software providers. They offer a surprising number of online casino games based on Poker’s 3-card and 5-card draws. By the time you are finished reading this short article, you will be equipped to start playing any of the most popular variations.

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A Glance at What’s On Offer

Let’s take a quick look at online Poker NZ before we start learning basic gameplay. The first thing you need to know is that it is a family of games, and not one game only.

The variations you can play online use either 3 or 5 cards per hand, and each one is played in stages. When played offline, the more complex of them require you to beat other players as well as the dealer. When you play online casino Poker in New Zealand, you do not need to beat other players. Even if you have chosen a multi-player edition, you need only beat the dealer or to decide whether to raise or to fold.

Playing With 3 Cards

If you are new to playing some of the most popular card games in New Zealand and around the world, we recommended that you start simply. The best way to do that is to play online Poker NZ based on the 3-card draw.

There are usually 2 stages to each game. The first is the deal, which is done as soon as you place a bet and click the play button. It gives you a hand of 3 cards. The next stage requires you to either raise, which is to place another bet and then play your hand, or to fold, which is to quit. In some variants, your hand may need to outrank the dealer’s. In others, your hand only needs to match one of those on the paytable.

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Playing With 5 Cards

Online casino games that use the 5-card draw can be more complex than 3-card variants, but that is not always the case. Some are as simple as 3-card options.

In the more complex variations, such as Texas Hold’em, you need to pay through various stages, and then beat the dealer. The first stage is the deal, which follows your opening bet. In it, you receive 2 cards. Over the next few stages, you need to place bets before community cards are dealt to the table. Once the last community card has been dealt, you need to use them to form a winning hand. The online casino poker in New Zealand we recommend makes this easier for you by sometimes combining 2 stages, and by forming your hands automatically.

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The Most Popular Variations

Before playing the different variations available at the best Kiwi casinos for real money, practise them for free. When you are comfortable with the gameplay, you can switch to playing them for chances to win NZ$ payouts.

Start simply by playing 3 Card online Poker NZ, which requires you to raise or fold. When you feel ready to try a 5-card game, start with simpler ones such as Caribbean Stud and Casino Hold’em. Both require you to raise or fold. When you are ready for more of a challenge, try Texas Hold’em, and then progress to Tequila and Pai Gow. For gaming with a difference, try light and easy Video Poker, or play top-quality live dealer variations. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details