The Benefits of Withdrawal Reversals

Withdrawal reversals at your favourite online casino can be convenient for many reasons. They are exactly what they sound like; voiding your request to be paid out. Essentially, you're cancelling your cashout and returning your funds to your player account.

These casino withdrawal reversals are possible during the pending time, or waiting period, between when you request your money and when it appears in your bank account or eWallet. This allows the operator's payments team to verify your identity and run other security checks. Making bulk transfers, paying out to as many players at once as possible, also saves an online casino money.

Requesting a reversal is very simple. All you need to is make your way back to the cashier interface, find the appropriate box to tick or button to push, and follow the next few prompts. Aside from being so easy, there are several other advantages to cancelling a your request.

Uninterrupted Real Money Play

Sometimes, especially with mobile sites when you have only a few moments to spare, you might request online casino withdrawals too hastily. If you wanted to continue your gaming experiences anyway, reversing your request can be a lot faster than making a new deposit.

Instead of waiting for your funds to clear, they are available immediately and you can keep having fun. There are also no additional transfer fees with withdrawal reversals, so they are a more economical option.

Take Advantage of Any New Offers

If you've cashed out but then see a new game that you want to try, or a new bonus deal that is up for grabs, you can use the waiting period to cancel your request. You don't need to miss out on any promotions or excitement, and don't need to deposit more funds to enjoy them either.

Reversing Can be Tricky

You do need to be careful with casino withdrawal reversals. Since they are so simple and instant, it is very easy to make them into too much of a habit. Plenty of players have fallen into this trap, and you need to be quite disciplined to make sure you avoid it.

Luckily, there are a few concrete measures you can take to control excess reversing. Firstly, more and more online casinos are minimising the pending time after cashouts, so you have a much smaller window in which to cancel.

Leaving at least some funds in your account at all times is also a good idea. This ensures that you always have something left to play with. If you see a new game or promotion that you want to get in on, you'll have the money to do so and won't need to cancel any cashouts or deposit anything else.

Finally, and possibly most effectively, you can choose a site that offers Manual Flushing. The “flushing” in this case refers to flushing your account, which means that while your transaction is pending you cannot access or cancel it.

In other words, you are literally unable to make casino withdrawal reversals. This might be done automatically by the operator, but you may need to get in touch with the Customer Service team to make arrangements.

Your Gaming, Your Responsibility

The best thing about withdrawal reversals, in the end, is that they give you more choice about what to do with your funds. This can empower you, but if you find that it leads to problem behaviour, choose sites that help you to control it with short pending times and manual flushing.

You can use the tools at hand to ensure that enjoy safe, fun and responsible gambling online, all the time.