Guide to High Volatility Online Pokies in NZ

When choosing between the online pokies NZ casinos have to offer, many players don’t give any thought to strategy. After all, they know that these games are strictly based on chance. If every round is determined by certified Random Number Generation, as is the case at all the sites we review, how could there be any strategy when you play pokies online?

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While it’s true that every spin is random and you have the same probabilities of winning each time, you can improve your chances of a payout by managing your bankroll properly. Here, we take a look at what that means when you’re playing high-volatility reel spinning games online.

What is High Volatility?

The volatility or variability of a game describes how often it is likely to pay out. Generally, pokies have higher result variance than other casino games. For those that are specifically described as high-volatility online pokies, NZ players can expect massive rises and falls on how much they pay out.

Lower-variance games tend to pay out more regularly, but their returns are smaller. If you play pokies online, machines may have the same Return to Player percentage, but very different volatilities. You can expect the lower-variability release to land you a few smaller wins.

With high volatilities, you just don’t know what’s going to happen! Usually there is a long losing streak, followed by one or two sizable returns. The risk matches the reward, and you’ll get massive payouts when you do win. Progressive jackpots, for example, always have high variability.

Pros and Cons

When playing the high-variability online pokies NZ has on offer, you stand to win dazzling prizes. This is great in itself of course, and also adds a lot of excitement to the gameplay. You’re holding your breath on every spin, to see if you’re going to win.

The biggest disadvantage is that there is less chance of winning any kind of payout than you’d have on a low-variance machine. Games with more variability also make it harder to manage your bankroll, which is essential. Luckily, we’ve got the tips to help you with that!

Bankroll Management

When you play pokies online you can easily spin the reels over 50 times in a few moments, and spend a much greater amount of money than you intended to. To make sure your account stays in the black and your stress levels stay down, we advise deciding on your bankroll size before you start spinning.

The best thing to do is set your bankroll, and then work out how many spins you can afford. If you want to play with NZ$300, you can play 150 rounds with bets of NZ$2. Knowing your budget can also help you decide if you should be playing the high-volatility online pokies NZ has available in the first place. You can usually only win big if you stake sizable amounts.

We suggest that you make sure you can spin the reels at least 200 times with your pre-se bankroll. Ideally, you should be able to spin 500 times. If you do this, you’re almost certain to walk away with some kind of payout. You should also set bet size limits for every degree of variability, such as $NZ$2, NZ$4 and NZ$5 for high- medium- and low-variability slots respectively.

Another important piece of advice is to know when to cash out. We always recommend taking a break after a big win or loss, to regroup and gather your thoughts. Withdraw your initial deposit amount as soon as you can, so that you’re betting with pure profits.

Lastly, remember that there is no way to know whether a machine is hot or cold and chasing this idea could get you into serious trouble. Bankroll management might seem a little dull, but it’s the best shot you have of winning when you’re play pokies online!

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