Understanding Online Casino Wagering Requirements

While many players are keen to grab the biggest bonus they can find, it is important to read and understand online casino wagering requirements before you lay claim to any incentive or promotional deal.

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While bonuses can certainly boost your bankroll and lead to big wins, they can also be harmful if you don’t clear your requirements properly, or run out of time in which to use them. To ensure you reap the maximum rewards, the first step is to understand how wagering works and to read the terms and conditions before you sign up.

What are Wagering Requirements?

Almost all online casino NZ sites offer some sort of bonus for new players. This can either be in the form of free spins or a cash match, where they match your total deposit amount up to a certain cash limit. Whatever option is available, you can be sure there are very specific restrictions attached.

While it may seem like the casino is handing over free cash, they make sure they get their money back by instituting specific limitations, which in turn forces you to make larger real money wagers. These are known as playthrough requirements, which differ in size and description depending on the establishment you choose to sign up with.

Playthrough Requirements

Online casino wagering restrictions are usually displayed as a playthrough amount such as 10x, 30x or 40x. This number indicates the multiple of which you need to wager your bonus amount before you can cash out your winnings. For example, if your playthrough amount is 20x and your total reward is $150, you will need to wager 20x $150 or $3000 in real money wagers before your account is fully activated and you can withdraw your winnings. The larger the playthrough amount, the more you have to wager to clear your requirements.

Reading the Terms and Conditions

Before you sign up, you should first read the bonus wagering NZ terms and conditions. Some sites will apply restrictions to just your reward amount, while others apply restrictions to both your deposit amount and your reward amount. In the above example, you would then be liable for 20x playthrough on your deposit of $150 and your bonus of $150. To clear your restrictions, you would then have to wager $6 000 in real money.

Clearing Your Rewards Faster

It is important to realise that wagering restrictions are also time sensitive. You have a certain number of days in which to clear your reward, otherwise it expires and all your winnings along with it. The time limit is usually around seven days from activation, but this differs depending on whom you sign up with.

The key is to clear your online casino NZ requirements as quick as possible. If you read the terms and conditions, you will notice that some games will count more than others. Games with a low house edge like Blackjack or Punto Banco will only contribute a portion of your dollar amount compared to higher edge games like pokies and Scratch Cards. Find the games that count the most and play those. This will ensure that your restrictions are cleared faster, giving you the freedom to play as you like when your bonus is cleared.

Smart Strategies To Utilise

There are two strategies to use for clearing your online casino wagering restrictions. If you are playing pokies, you can either play more games with a lower bet limit or fewer games at a higher bet limit. The restrictions are based on the total bet amount and not the number of spins. Thus, you can clear them quickly by betting bigger. However by playing more games, you might stand chance of triggering more wins, so the choice is yours.

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