Online Casino Loyalty Reward Programs

The casinos that we review and recommend all offer very generous payouts and bonuses. But the Loyalty Programs make them even more so. Essentially, these show players how much they are valued, by giving them something whenever they place a real money bet. So the more you play, the more you benefit! Read on to learn a little more about how online casino loyalty reward programs work.

Online casinos with one of the best loyalty programmes are casinos as as: 

Rewarding Your Real Money Wagers

At most online casinos in New Zealand there is a free play option, requiring no deposit and awarding no real money. This mode is great if you want to practice and build up your skills and confidence, or just play without any financial concerns. If you want to extend the fun but you’ve used up your gaming budget, or you want to test-drive a new game before spending any of your funds on it, this format is also perfect.

But when you do play for real money, the online casino loyalty reward programs will make it worth your while. These can be more or less complex at different sites, but essentially you’ll earn points or tokens of some kind whenever you place a bet using actual funds. The more you play, the more of these you will get, and the better your status will be.

What Are the Tokens Used For?

With casino loyalty programs in New Zealand, the points are redeemed for real funds or playing credits, used to help you get to higher levels, or both. You can exchange them whenever you’ve accumulated enough, and will advance to the next level when you reach a certain total.

Each tier in online casino loyalty rewards programs gets you better perks, including personalised account managers, exclusive bonuses, special event invitations, and even luxury goodies like exotic holidays and technical gadgets.

Choosing Your Own Bonuses

Some schemes have introduced the idea of players choosing what they want their incentives or prizes to be from a selection, and then exchanging their points for whatever they pick. Ultimately, it is still about earning tokens and redeeming them, but you have more options. Most sites set this up as a virtual shop, where you “buy” the promotions using your tokens.

Choose the best bonus offer for yourself:

VIP Clubs: The Next Level

When you reach the top level, you might be asked to join an invite-only VIP Club for even more special treatment. On the other hand, some sites will just promote you automatically, while still others will invite you to become a VIP, but will not feature a basic rewards scheme. With casino loyalty programs in New Zealand, there is a lot of variation.

Not All Points are Created Equal

Different games are generally worth different amounts of tokens, with options that are totally chance-based, such as pokies, being worth more than something like Blackjack, which involves a lot o strategy. Be mindful of this, to make sure you level up at the pace that you are satisfied with. And remember that it takes a certain amount of tokens to remain on you current level too.

Get The Biggest Bang For Your Buck

If you’re going to be playing anyway, it makes sense to get as much remuneration for your time as you possibly can. Think of the online casino loyalty rewards programs like that; a benefit to something you’d be doing anyway.

Don’t play specifically to get points, but do make strategic decisions about your games. And, of course do it all at one of the sites that we recommend. We’ve found the options that give you the best perks and point redemption rates. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details