Introduction To Online Poker Tournaments

One of the best ways to enjoy the thrills of one of the most popular card games is to participate in online Poker tournaments. Offered by some of the leading online casinos for Kiwi players, they are available in various formats and offer fantastic pots and prizes.

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Tournaments give you the chance to play classic variations such as Texas Hold’em with other players in a cutting-edge digital setting protected by state-of-the-art security software. You also have the added assurances of 24-hour support as well as game monitoring and supervision.

Most tournaments take one of three different forms. These forms are single table, multi table, and satellite. The first type offers a wide range of stakes and prize pools. If you enter such an event, you will play online Poker with 10 other players at one table. You will need to register to enter, and the event will begin as soon as there are enough players. The winner usually gets 50% of the pool, while second and third place get 30% and 20%, respectively.

Multi table events see a larger number of participants assigned to various tables. Your table may change as players are eliminated over the course of the event, and you may have the opportunity to buy in once to re-join a table. Satellite online Poker tournaments are qualifying events for some of the big-name competitions that take place at land-based venues. Some are offered as single table events, while others use the multi table format. You also will find that a range of buy-ins are offered.

Pros And Cons

There are several pros to playing in online Poker events. Firstly, you can find events held at almost any time of the day or night, which means you can play whenever it suits you. Another pro is that you usually have a much larger selection of tables to choose from, and all stake preferences are accommodated.

You also are sure to appreciate that playing in online Poker tournaments comes with much less pressure than playing in land-based events, which can be daunting. Other pros include cheaper buy-ins, being able to play at several tables simultaneously, and the possibility of claiming generous online Poker bonuses.

There are a few cons to playing online competitively. One of them is that the games can be faster, which can make some players feel rushed, while others may lose track of the game. Other cons are not being able to see other players’ tells, and not being able to meet other players face to face.

Online Casinos Offering Poker Tournaments

You can play in online Poker tournaments at many of the top casinos that accept players in New Zealand. The sites that we recommend are licensed and regulated by trusted regulators, and they are powered by premium-quality software.

Making deposits so you can buy in, and withdrawing any winnings you make, is convenient and safe. The top casinos accept various trusted banking methods, and they are encrypted. What’s more, they offer bonuses and they run promotions that could be your key to even more Poker action and bigger wins.

Tournaments For Beginners

Although there are a few casinos that offer online Poker tournaments for beginners, they are not all that common. You can generally find the events that are offered on your favourite site’s promotions page, where entry to excusive events will be on offer.

If you want to dive straight in and skip the beginner rounds, we recommend that you join single table tournaments with low buy-ins and low stakes instead. Playing in such events will give you the opportunity to get used to the format and to hone your skills before you tackle multi table or satellite events.

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