Popular Sports to Bet on in New Zealand

We’ve rounded up the top 10 most popular sports to bet on in New Zealand. Learn a little more about each of them below.


Online sports betting on competitive video gaming has expanded rapidly over the last few years, and as you might imagine it appeals most to the younger bettors who grew up with similar entertainment. Common punting options include which eSports team will win, who will make the first kill, and what the combined total of kills will be.


When it comes to easy to bet on sports NZ punters love, Tennis is right at the top of the list! The games are really enjoyable to watch, but the stakes are pretty simple. You can put money on who will win a game, set or overall match, and can often find both in-play and pre-game stakes. Tennis wagers appeal most to players between the ages of 40 and 60.


Among popular sports to bet on in New Zealand, Cricket is one of the more complicated games. That doesn’t stop us Kiwis from enjoying it though, especially those of us aged between 30 and 60. As well as the overall victors, you can wager on who the Top Batsman, Top Bowler or Man of the Match will be, along with how many runs will be scored in the first over.


The Beautiful Game is a particular favourite online sports betting choice for bettors aged between 20 and 50. Not only is it great to watch, it is also so beloved that there is always plenty of information to research before you put money on the overall winners of a game or tournament, Totals, and who will score the first goal.


How will a match end, in a TKO or a knockout decision? Who will land the first punch? Which fighter will win each round? These are just some of the markets available in Boxing and Kiwis can’t seem to get enough of them – especially punters aged 40 to 50.


Basketball bets are most popular in the 25 to 45 age bracket, although they’re also a big hit with other punters. Whatever your age, you’ll appreciate the competitive odds on Spread, Moneyline and Totals wagers at our recommended bookmakers.

Horse Racing

No list of popular sports to bet on in New Zealand would be complete without mentioning Horse Racing which is particularly enjoyed by the 45 to 65 demographic.. The country has a long history of enjoying big days at the races, and there are plenty of smaller and larger events to put money on. Predict who will come first and where other participants will place, and as you gain experience move on to multi bets that involve several stakes on one slip.


Netball is another of the easy to bet on sports NZ has readily available online. Overall winners, Totals, and specific propositions will all make watching the game more enjoyable – just as the 30-to-50-year-olds, who especially love Netball stakes.


Rugby is part of Kiwi DNA, so it makes sense that it’s on a list of popular sports to bet on in New Zealand. Pretty much everyone enjoys putting money on Rugby games, but the biggest fans are in the 30 to 50 age group. Totals, the player who will score the first try, winning margins, Propositions and, of course, who the winners will be, are some of the wagers you can place.

Greyhound Racing

The win, place and combination wagers seen in Horse Racing also apply to greyhounds, and they are also the biggest hit with bettors between 45 and 65.

Where to Place Your Punts

The 10 most popular sports to bet on in New Zealand, along with other wagering options, are available at many of our reviewed bookmakers. We recommend that you try your luck at these sites:

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