10 Top Safest Deposit Mechanisms in New Zealand

When it comes to online banking at a casino, everyone is looking for the safest deposit mechanism in New Zealand. While some believe credit cards are the answer, others prefer web-wallets or prepaid vouchers. If you want to know which casino deposit mechanisms really are the best and the safest, we’ve rounded up the top 10 for your convenience.

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No 10 - Visa Debit/ Maestro

Debit cards may not seem like the safest method, but all modern cards are chipped and pinned and now come with 3D secure technology, making them even more secure than before.

No 9 – PayPal

PayPal is one of the largest and most widely used web-wallet services in the world. It is fast, easy to use and incredibly reliable. PayPal offers free registration and numerous ways to fund your account. Payments can be made to all leading casinos in New Zealand, or around the word.

No 8 – Bank Wire

While it may not be the fastest way to fund your account, Bank wire payments are certainly one of the safest and most reliable casino deposit mechanisms. Transfers can be made at the bank or by phone, with your funds guaranteed to reach their destination without you having to expose your confidential details.

No 7 - Paysafecard

Paysafecard is an international web-wallet and prepaid card system available in New Zealand. While the prepaid voucher outlets may not be available in all areas, the system works as a standard service where you fund your account by card or bank transfer and make safe, reliable payments online.

No 6 – Skrill

Skrill is probably one of the most widely used online casino deposit mechanisms in New Zealand. The web-wallet service transfers millions of dollars in payments each day around the world. Skrill is fast, reliable and offers the option of a prepaid Mastercard for ATM withdrawals and in-store payments.

No 5 – Neteller

Like Skrill, Neteller is ubiquitous in the online gambling industry. Just about all top-rated sites accept Neteller which makes it both functional and secure. Neteller offers free registration, secure ways to fund your account and instant deposits. You can also use the service to instantly send money to friends and family around the world.

No 4 – EntroPay

EntroPay is a web-wallet with a difference. Instead of having an online account to transact through, you get a virtual prepaid Visa card that you can use to make online payments anywhere the Visa sign is displayed. Since the card is virtual and prepaid it is not linked to your bank in any way, but it still offers full purchasing power of a Visa card.

No 3 – UseMyServices

UseMyServices is widely considered to be the safest deposit mechanism in New Zealand. The instant banking system works directly through your bank like an internet banking transfer. The only difference is that your funds are transferred instantly without the long delays. For the service, you are charged a small fee per transaction.

No 2 – Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency banking may not be as popular as web-wallets or credit and debit cards, but they are certainly on the rise. Bitcoin casinos offer instant, anonymous and secure fund transfers with a wide range of cryptocurrency options. Using blockchain technology, the payments secured from end to end. The best part about using Bitcoin is that you get instant withdrawals with zero fees.

No 1 – POLi

POLi is one of the safest and most reliable casino deposit mechanisms in New Zealand. Instead of having to sign up with a web-wallet system or use your credit card, POLi gives you the freedom to pay online straight from your New Zealand bank account. The system offers privacy, security and ease of use for all transactions.

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