Punters Guide to Popular eSports Markets in New Zealand

If you are interested in putting money on competitive gaming, you are going to want to know about the most popular eSports markets in New Zealand. The great thing about electronic sports is that the betting options cater for complete novices as well as seasoned punters. While it may not seem like it, there are actually quite a number of markets available for each match or tournament. To give you a helping hand and get you started, we’ve rounded up the biggest and most popular options.

Match Winner

In the world of online sports betting, match winner is the most popular wager of them all. Also known as the money line bet in the US, this wager simply involves predicting which team or individual will win the specified match. This could be for an individual game or any match during a league or tournament schedule.


This sports betting market relates to the statistics of a match. In this case, the bookmaker will post a total which is the combined score of both team in the match. You must then predict if the actual score will be above or below the total posted.

Tournament Winner

Nestled under the section of outright markets, Tournament Winner is a bet on the team or player to win the league or tournament outright. Outright wagers can be placed weeks or even months ahead of time with the odds reducing the closer the event gets. The odds are usually based on previous seasons performances or where they finished in the competition last year.

Group Winner

This is one of the most interesting sports betting markets in eSports. With major international tournaments, teams are split into groups for the initial stages of the competition. This bet simply involves predicting which team will have the highest number of points after the group stage is complete. You can pick, which group you want to bet on or you can place multiple wagers on every group.

Group of Winner

While it might sound confusing, Group of Winner is where you simply predict which group the winning team will emerge from in a major tournament? For example, you could pick group A, B, C or D. As long as the team comes from the group you picked, your bet is a winner.


Odds/Evens has become one of the most popular eSports markets in New Zealand. This is because it takes complicated systems and reduces the wager to just two options. In this case, you are predicting whether the number of players killed in the match will be odd such as 7 or even such a 10.

Knife Round

Some games like Counterstrike have a Knife round, which is specific map round with its own sports betting options. Here you must predict which team will win the round regardless of what else happens in the match.

First Blood

Popular with First-Person Shooter games, First Blood is a simple bet where you are predicting which team or player will execute the first kill in the match.

Map Winner

Map Winner is a popular eSports market in New Zealand with games like DOTA 2, League of Legends and Counterstrike: Global Offensive. With this wager, you are predicting which team will win a specific map during the match which may consist of 5 rounds or maps.

Map 1 Overtime

While it is not common, sometimes a map goes into overtime for a clear result. This sports betting market can be seen as a pop wager since it is risky and usually requires a lot of research. If two teams are evenly matched, the map may require more time. This is where you predict if the map being played will go into overtime or not.

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