Alexandra Park Review

Auckland is known for a very long while as one of the most adventurous areas of NZ. With high quality casinos, entertaining places for every cause, and beautiful views, it is no wonder more and more people are drawn to the area. One of the most attractive sites of Auckland is, without a doubt, Alexandra Park events which serves as one of the best NZ events venue. When attending Alexandra Park, the visitors will be able to enjoy horse racing competitions, a fabulous sports bar & eatery, a fun function centre, dazzling residential solutions, special Christmas events, and so much more! It is definitely no wonder so many visitors come to this area each and every holiday and one they have a bit of free time! The opportunities to enjoy over here simply never end!

Tell Me All About the Races!

The horses are ready and set for you and your family and friends! Join the crowd on Friday, November 20th (or any other race. Check out the park's website for updated races dates), and enjoy free parking, free entrance, free racebook and even some free entertainment!

Regarded as one of the premier harness racing tracks in the whole world, Alexandra Park is known to hold thrilling and fun races and events which every guest would deeply enjoy from. However, the fun is definitely not over at the race field! Located in beautiful Greenlane, the park is also known for being a reputed entertainment hub, recreation and sports. You are warmly welcomed to enjoy the atmosphere!

During the races themselves special bonuses will be offered to the owners and the trainers of the horses, and visitors will be able to learn all about the drivers by checking out the website. For further information about the races and all the special offers, please refer to the web-page of Alexandra Park website.

Christmas Races

Races, on their own, are already special enough. However, as we approach a very special time of the year, it is time to spoil Alexandra Park's lovers who simply want to enjoy more with their dearest people where they enjoy most.

These races will be taking place in multiple dates during November and December. In November everyone is welcome to join at 13th, 20th, and 27th, and in December the relevant dates are the 4th. 11th, and 18th. December 22nd will be the luncheon day. It is warmly advised to book in advance since the sits are being reserved in advance quickly and until the holiday they will all be taken out for sure!

You may navigate to the website in order to check out which dates and times are already sold out.

Sports Bar

Hungry? Thirsty? Attending Alex Bar and Eatery is the best way to enjoy a whole lot more than any regular Sports Bar and Cafe. This bar offers its costumers variable spaces to hang around in, where people will be able to enjoy lounging areas, gaming room, private function space, courtyard and so much more! With so many options offered, there is absolutely no doubt gamers will be able to find something fun to relate to and enjoy from! Come on at any day of the week, from 7 AM! The happy hours of the place are during Monday to Friday, 17:30 PM until 18:30 PM!

Residential Offers – the Place's Special Treats

A lot of things can be accounted for making Auckland such a special place for all visitors. One of the most prominent reasons for Auckland to be such a place, is its more than respectable offering of accommodations. Visitors enjoying their vacation at this place will be able to enjoy beautiful designs and styling.

A rich landscape of designer apartments, penthouses and town homes will allow those who wish, to relax a bit from the city's vibrating atmosphere, and to be drawn to the village life and views.

Throughout the village, a dynamic series of fine decorated buildings is positioned in such a way the residents can comfortably enjoy the air, sun and sunlight, which is richly energized by the retail and cafe culture of the place.

Each one of the mentioned buildings has a different expression and aspect, as well as a totally different unique indoor and outdoor living experience.

Those who are indeed interested in somewhat long vacations or even residing at Auckland for a long while will be quickly exposed to a great work – leisure balance. The park offers an intimate, energetic experience with a spirit of great vitality. The lively squares and open spaces at this place create a unique merge of culture, public art and ongoing activity. No wonder people simply can't get enough of this place.

Alexandra Function Centre

This area is perfect for special events, and as being such, it also offers the most comfortable platform possible! The Park's rooms can hold 4 to 1,000 people, so you can create your private or corporate event knowing that space will never be an issue.

In addition to that, be sure all of the audio – visual requirements, including DVDs, screens, PA systems, projectors, screens, wireless broadband (so you can always be online) and even microphones will be supplied to you.

Menu and beverage packages will also be offered, in order to cover all of your needs the best way possible. These packages include superb morning and afternoon teas, a wide sandwich selection, and even lunches through the special cocktail platters. Excellent buffets and even formal dinners will be offered.

The different packages are: Daily Delegate Packages, School Function, Weddings and the Multi Day Conference. The first one suits best to those who are interested in some high quality location for their workers / partners, and wish to find a worthy place to make such an important event. The second one may be called “school balls”, but besides offering a place for an unforgettable high school experience, it also serves as a fine place for endowing sports awards, raising funds for different causes and enjoying some leavers' dinners. The wedding package can be a classic one or Indian one (for further details please check the website), and the multi day conference package will also offer a formal place for business events.

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