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The ever-increasing popularity of live Blackjack casino games online in New Zealand is all the proof anyone needs that, after 300 years, players still cannot get enough of 21. Here is what makes it so special.

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Easy and Entertaining Advantage

The appeal of Blackjack online live dealer games in New Zealand boils down to 3 main reasons. It is easy to learn and easy to play, its fast pace makes it one of the most entertaining options, and you can use strategy.

That last point probably is the most important. As much as players do not want to stress about learning the rules, and as much as they enjoy the thrills, the chills, and the incredible entertainment, most also really, really want to win. A set number of decks are used in Blackjack live dealer games NZ, and so there are a set number of possible hands that could appear on the table – and that is where strategy comes in.

Social Gaming Experience

Some online casino live dealer game tables offer you what you would find in many top land-based venues that include Blackjack among their offerings – minus the physical presence of yourself and of other players. However, with vibrant chat going all the time, you do not need to see one another.

All players can see the dealer, as well as how each round unfolds, in real-time.

Variants and Variations

The number of different 21 options at sites powered by the most reputable providers should satisfy most fans. Those providers keep things interesting, so that number is on the increase.

Most casino games are based either on the European or on the American rules. If you have played digital versions of 21, you should find it all quite familiar. Where things get exciting are how the traditional rules and gameplay are presented.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

It is possible to enjoy online casino live dealer game action the way most players are familiar with it. The hosts employed by Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, and other top providers bring charm, humour, and stylish professionalism, as well as Blackjack to the table.

Some tables have betting limits that will appeal to a large mix of players, while others are aimed at high rollers and big spenders. Other tables feature extra hosts to keep things fun, and they use special lighting, music, and more to spice things up.

Two Classic Foundations

European Blackjack is the more popular of the 2 classics, because it offers players slightly better chances than the American version. In live dealer games NZ based on the former, the dealer’s second card is dealt at the end of the round.

At tables where rules of the latter are used, the dealer gets a face-up card and a hole card at the first deal – and it’s not just for decoration.

The Basics of Play

The real action of the live casino games begins once the initial deal is concluded. If players do not win with a natural Blackjack, they could still win if their hand’s score is closer to 21.

If you need to improve your score, hit or double. The former simply is taking another card or more. The latter also results in an additional card, but requires you to double your initial bet. If you were dealt like cards, you can split them, and use them as the bases for new hands. A good strategy helps you decide what to do, and when to do it.

Find the best online live dealer games in New Zealand. Enjoy top-quality thrills with our recommendations and join in the fun at a top rated, Kiwi-friendly casino!

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