Roulette Live Dealer Casino Games In New Zealand

One of the most entertaining live dealer casino games in New Zealand, Roulette will make you feel like you are in the most exclusive venues whenever you play on computer or mobile. You can find this classic casino game in its iconic European, French, and American forms, as well as in a new generation of variants. Keep reading to find out why you should be playing against a real dealer, online!

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Pros and Cons

Whether just beginning or old hands at gambling, Kiwi players, like those in many other countries, have a love of the Roulette wheel. Among the reasons it is one of the most popular live dealer casino games in New Zealand is because, regardless of the variation you choose, its gameplay is quick and easy to learn. All you do is guess where the ball will land in the wheel.

Relying totally on chance, it puts you into the hands of Lady Luck. Just like when you spin pokies reels, once the wheel is in motion, there is nothing you can do except hope that your guess was the correct one.

As fraught with suspense as Roulette live dealer online casino games can be, they also offer you the social atmosphere of the pits in the best land-based venues. Not only can you see the dealer via real time video streaming, you also can chat to them using the integrated chat feature.

The feature also lets you chat to the other players at the table. As you can see, there are plenty of pros. The only real con is that the results are dependent on chance, which means you cannot use strategy to try influence the outcomes.

Exciting Range of Variants

Said to have been created by Blaise Pascal, a mathematician who lived in 17th century France, Roulette has been offered primarily in its classic European, French, and American variants. Those 3 sets of rules are the basis of all other variations. Thanks to live dealer casino games NZ providers such as Evolution Gaming, there are now plenty of those.

The European form uses a single 0-pocket wheel, on which you can place inside and outside bets. The French version also uses a wheel with a single 0. However, it offers call and neighbour or zero bets in addition to inside and outside bets. The American game has a wheel with 0 and 00 pockets. This gives it a higher house edge, even if most editions offer only the classic inside and outside bets.

Tips for Playing

When you play live dealer casino games in New Zealand there are different betting options available, and it helps to know how they differ. In Roulette the betting options are inside and outside bets.

If you are looking for easy-going gameplay, or are new to playing Roulette, start with outside bets. Covering a wider range of results with options such as odd/even and red/black, they give you a nearly-50/50 chance of doubling your money. Inside bets are straight number bets. More difficult to get right, they offer live dealer online casino games that are utterly thrilling and, if you are lucky, very rewarding. Call and neighbour bets are based on specific pockets in relation to the 0 pocket.

Many variations also offer side bets or even the chance to win a progressive jackpot, so keep an eye out for these.

Playing the Game

Enjoying the action of Roulette live dealer casino games NZ is surprisingly uncomplicated. To play it, you need to guess which of the wheel pockets will be the one in which the ball lands.

You can place your bet by selecting the relevant option on the interface. The dealer will then spin the wheel, drop in the ball, and announce the result when it stops spinning.

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