Man Almost Robbed Of 10 Million Lotto Ticket

Elouise Spencer - 17 January 2019

Signing a purchased Lotto ticket isn’t something that appears to be too much of a priority at first, but one player from Vacaville California without a doubt would have wished that he had done just that. The man, who had purchased his Lottery ticket from a convenience store on December 20th, was under the impression that he was the lucky holder of a ticket worth $10,000 and proceeded to share the good news with his friend and roommate, Adul Saosongyang.

Saosongyang, for whatever his reasons were, turned out to not be too good a friend, as he stole the ticket from the rightful owner during the night, by swopping the winning ticket out for one that wasn’t worth anything. Imagine the owner of the winning ticket’s surprise when he was told by the Lottery office that his ticket was in fact hardly worth the paper that it was printed on!

CCTV Saves The Day

The winner acted quickly, and must have cottoned on to what had happened the previous night, as he immediately reported the incident to local police. An investigation followed, and thanks to CCTV footage, it was confirmed that the rogue roommate had in fact swopped the two tickets whilst the men were supposed to have been asleep.

But another, bigger, surprise awaited our ticket holder. Saosongyang, at this point still in possession of the ticket that he had stolen, went to verify the winning ticket, and realised that the winning (stolen) ticket wasn’t worth $10,000 as previously thought, but a whopping $10 million!

Cashing In On Another’s Luck

After having verified that the winning ticket was in fact a lucky ticket, Saosongyang reported to the local Lottery office to claim his newfound (if ill-begotten!) riches on January 9. Luckily, the police had been notified, and the man with the dubious plan was arrested on the spot whilst trying to cash out on the stolen ticket. He is currently still being detained at the Sacramento County Jail.

As for the rightful owner of the ticket, the California State Lottery has confirmed that the winnings will in all likelihood be paid out, on condition that the player is verified as its rightful owner.

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