GLI Validate AI GameScanner Online Casino Tool

Elouise Spencer - 28 September 2020

Gaming Laboratories International has validated Mindway AI’s claims about its GameScanner tool. The online casino tool developed by the Denmark based firm is the first responsible gambling software of its kind to be validated by GLI.

GameScanner now has independent third-party validation that shows it reaches its performance benchmarks when detecting problem gamblers.

AI And Responsible Gambling Combine

The GameScanner tool developed by Mindway AI uses artificial intelligence, neuroscience and neuroimaging to better protect players, all while offering a sustainable solution for gambling operators. The tool monitors online casinos 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to identify potential problem gamblers and players who may be at risk.

This tool provides an easy solution for operators of online casinos to monitor player behaviour and implement better responsible gambling measures. Through the constant monitoring of each player’s individual site behaviour it can pick up patters and identify issues. With this data, the Mindway AI GameScanner tool profiles players according to their determined risk level.

According to Mindway AI, more than 88.5% of players that are manually identified as problem gamblers are also picked up by the Game Scanner tool, while 99% of potential problem gamblers are classified under GameScanner as either at risk or potential problem gamblers. These claims have now been verified by Gaming Laboratories International.

A First For The Gambling Industry

Gaming Laboratories International set out to test the claims above based on a sample test of players collected in August 2020. When analysing the results on this sample, the claims were found to be true. This marks a milestone for both Mindway AI and Gaming Laboratories International as GameScanner is the first problem gambling solution to be tested by the testing body who is trusted for their world-class results in the industry worldwide.

Mindway AI was born at Aarhus University in Denmark where researchers with over 10 years of experience in neuroscience and neuroimaging are working to create technology focussed responsible gambling solutions for the online casino industry. Their innovative and award-winning solutions include not only GameScanner but also Gamealyze, which analyses decision making during gaming, and GameChanger, which is a player-based solution that offers players a way to easily control their own gambling behaviours. The Mindway AI Solutions can easily be integrated with any online casino platform using a plug and play API for fast and smooth implementation.

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