Online Pokies Inspire Aristocrat Cashless System

Elouise Spencer - 01 June 2021

The New South Wales Government has backed a move by a major operator to debut cashless land based pokies. Mega-corporation Aristocrat Leisure is behind the move, partnering with the government, and Wests Newcastle, to make the evolution. Simply put, the idea is to remove all physical cash from the picture, putting land based operations more in line with what is expected from online pokies, and an online casino NZ in general. Sites like Casino Tropez, for example, operate entirely without physical currency, and always have.

According to Aristocrat, there are many benefits to the proposed change, with one of the key pros being that a cashless environment will drastically help with money laundering schemes. Additionally, a spokesperson explained, the change should assist gamblers in better managing their bank rolls. However, even if such systems have already been in use with online pokies, the government is still suggesting that the adjustment be implemented with all due caution.

Safety Measures

As it stands, the cashless system is being tested as a trial. If the trial is a success, the system will naturally be considered on a fulltime basis. But, as was specified by Associate Professor Sally Gainsbury at the University Of Sidney, there has been little research done on what the impact may actually be.

She first stressed that security measures are in place for the trial, similar to those seen at a normal online casino NZ site like Vegas Palms Casino. Online pokies at Vegas Palm fall under the umbrella of general gambling safety protocols, such as self-imposed deposit limitations, and personalised messaging systems. These same systems will be used at Wests Newcastle, Sainsbury stressed.

All in all, it can be said that land based machines are finally catching up with what online pokies NZ have been doing for some time already.

Building The Right System

Dr Gainsbury elaborated, saying that the new system will only be successful if the venue has a sufficient amount of friction in place. Online pokies have that needed friction implemented, she explained, a move that was purposefully made in order to disrupt what would otherwise be a frictionless economy.

The key is, Dr Gainsbury concluded, to keep players not only aware of how much they’re spending, but also to keep careful tabs on everyone that decides to make use of the cashless system. Both players, and staff at Wests, will be fully aware of what is happening on the floor at all times. Just as with online pokies NZ.

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