Online Pokies With A High RTP In May 2021

Elouise Spencer - 25 May 2021

New Zealand players love their online pokies, and for good reason. Pokies are good entertainment and accessible to just about anyone. Plus, of course, sometimes the games can pay out big. However, there are those New Zealand players who won’t start spinning the reels until they find online pokies with a high return to player (RTP.) But what exactly is RTP, and what does it mean?

When developers are creating online pokies real money NZ, there are strict rules in place as to how the game will function. A primary concern is, of course, how much pokies will pay out, theoretically, over a period of time. Or to be more specific; the RTP refers to how much cash will be returned to the player, if taking into account the amount wagered, over time. Hence, New Zealand players look for the games with the highest RTP, since it is an indication how much will be given back.

Online casinos like Vegas Palms, for example, have many games that have exceptionally high RTP percentages.

Tips And Tricks

It seems like choosing online pokies real money NZ with a high RTP is a pretty good idea, but does it really make a difference? Although the percentage does give an idea of how much will be paid out, it certainly isn’t a guarantee that huge payouts are going to be awarded.

It is instead a better idea to think of the number as an overall idea of how generous online pokies are, rather than any sort of guarantee. So although looking for high RTP percentages is smart, it shouldn’t be thought of as a permit to start betting irresponsibly. As all shrewd New Zealand reel spinners know, playing smart is always the best approach.

Is It Worth Playing?

It should never be forgotten that gambling, including online pokies, is first and foremost about having fun. It is always worth it to play if the games are entertaining, and perhaps a few wins are picked up along the way. But spinning the reels chasing elusive jackpots that may never arrive is not the right approach.

For those that know reel spinning is all about having a laugh and enjoying the ride, you can check out our homepage and get fast access to some of the best online casinos available in the country.

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