Celebrating Easter & Good Friday In New Zealand

Elouise Spencer - 08 April 2022

Good Friday and Easter are amongst the most universally celebrated traditions in the world, including in New Zealand. But how exactly did Easter become so globally adopted, and what are the New Zealander traditions in this regard? Let’s take a closer look and see how the island paradise decided to start eating chocolate eggs at a specific time of the year.

First and foremost, the occasion traditionally celebrates the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Good Friday is said to be when the crucifixion occurred, and Easter when Jesus rose from the dead. Those that dig a little deeper also acknowledge that old Paganism used to celebrate the time of year as the start of Spring, thereby ushering in a season of bountiful harvests and the rebirth of nature. It was only later that the Pagan and Christian rituals were combined into the festivals we know today.

Either way, religious and non-religious New Zealanders all universally embrace chocolate eggs.

Local Traditions

How a New Zealander celebrates the occasion will depend significantly on if they are or aren’t religious. Christians start their activities early, participating in what is referred to as Lent. Lent involves a period of fasting - although these days it means giving up something rather than not eating all day - leading up to Easter; a ritual aimed at showing repentance for sins. In a more direct sense, the period is meant to reflect the temptations that Jesus faced in the desert. The fasting is broken by a family feast that is enjoyed on the final Sunday.

Non-religious locals may not fast, but will also celebrate Good Friday and Easter with friends and family. Since the occasion is also based around a 4 day weekend many also take short holiday trips.  Hot cross buns and chocolate eggs are generally enjoyed by everyone, with egg hunts often occurring in the warmer outdoor weather. As with the rest of the world, the chocolate eggs are hidden and children are tasked with tracking them down.

Best Free Pokies To Enjoy

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No matter how locals choose to spend their Friday and Sunday, those that decide to spin a few reels may just walk away richer. Just remember to play responsibly and make time to eat all those chocolate eggs too!

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