GameArt Ink Greenlogic Online Casino Partnership

Elouise Spencer - 29 October 2020

GameArt has announced that it is the latest online casino studio to become part of the Greenlogic partnership program. Greenlogic is, of course, run by Stakelogic, the globally renowned iGaming developer powerhouse.

Both companies are set to benefit immensely from the arrangement, though it is the lesser known GameArt that has the most to gain.

As it stands, Malta based GameArt is still largely unknown in the iGaming industry. The company has been making major strides, however, and has been referred to as a rising star as far as online casino development is concerned. But, as part of Greenlogic, the studio now has all the tools needed to make a major splash in the industry at large.

Forging A Path

All companies that join Greenlogic gain access to perhaps the most important tool in any studio’s arsenal. Namely; the freedom to launch online casino games across an enormous global network. There are currently over 500 operators that receive their content from the network, meaning that all contributed content has the chance to land up in the hands of thousands of players around the world.

As far as GameArt is concerned, it is the breakthrough they have been looking for, and a major opportunity to make a name for themselves. Stakelogic will also see benefit, of course, given that the more developers are partnered, the more titles there is for operators to draw from.

Stefano Picone, Chief Executive Officer at GameArt, shared a few thoughts regarding the enormous leap forward. He first declared that the partnership was nothing short of a pivotal moment for his company, and no doubt painted a brighter future for his dedicated team than ever before.

An Exciting Prospect

Picone then went on to state that more operators than ever would finally be getting a chance to distribute his studio’s quality content, which was an extremely exciting prospect. He added that his design team would ensure that all online casino games created, and shared, would always be of highest quality, guaranteeing operator satisfaction in every instance.

Picone concluded simply by stating that it was an opportunity that he would, without question, be grasping with both hands,

Speaking for Stakelogic was Stephen van den Oetelaar. Oetelaar took a moment to declare that the Greenlogic program was turning out to be an incredible success, with new partners signing up on an almost daily basis. He finished by stating that his company’s goal was always to distribute the best online casino games in the world, and, that as far as he was concerned, that goal was being unquestionably achieved. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details