GTA Rumoured To Be Getting Own Online Casino

Elouise Spencer - 19 June 2019

Grand Theft Auto is one of the most lucrative entertainment products in the world. GTA is a video game that allows players to roam a vast digital open world, participate in various virtual activities, and cause mayhem and chaos. If they choose to do so, of course. The online portion of the title, GTA Online, allows players to enjoy these activities with other participants, and has seen unprecedented success. Various microtransactions offered have helped to make the product extremely lucrative for developers Rockstar Games.

But now, rumours are spreading that GTA Online is planning to finally add a virtual casino. It is a feature that has been anticipated since the launch of the game many years ago, but with no official word on when, or if, it would ever be operational. Subtle changes in the world suggested that the long awaited launch was drawing near, and it has now been all but confirmed that the next major update would make the change.

Opening Soon

A casino building has existed in the virtual world since its launch. But the building was not accessible, and a sign on the building read opening soon. The sign quickly became a running joke with fans, given that years passed without any opening occurring.

But recently, a Tweet from TezFunz2, who is well known for mining secrets from the games code confirmed that he had found information hidden in the GTA programing. The information indicated changes would come to the building, and sure enough, his Tweet was followed by Rockstar making small in-game adjustments, adding construction tools outside the casino’s front door.

How Will It Work?

But it is not expected for the new casino to allow the use of real money, or allow players to redeem virtual currency won when gambling. But in order for this to be possible, a new currency system will have to be implemented, or a second currency introduced. This will allow for any gambling done during play to remain separate from other microtransactions, and so not violate regulations.

In another Rockstar title, Red Dead Redemption 2, Poker is offered. But it can only be played with virtual dollars, which are separate from the gold bar system that translates to real money purchases. Expectations are that GTA Online will adopt a similar system.

There is no word yet from Rockstar as to when the casino will open for business, but rumour says it will be soon.