Lottoland Launches New £20 Million Scratch Card

Elouise Spencer - 14 August 2019

The UK and beyond may soon be welcoming a new wave of multi-millionaires thanks to Lottoland’s newest Scratch Cards. Following the wildly successful launch of its £10 Scratch Card last year, the brand has introduced a £20 Scratch Card with a maximum jackpot of £20 million.

The new game can be played in-store or online, and for those for who think £20 is a bit steep, Lottoland has also introduced a £17.50 maximum £15 million card. The new Scratch Cards offer excellent odds too, with 50% of players winning a prize. The market for high value Scratch Cards has grown exponentially, and the company is excited to offer its consumers the opportunity to win big.

Company CEO, Nigel Birrel, said that Lottoland chose to introduce the high winning game following the incredible success of their £10 million cards. He believes its success is an indication of the expanding market worldwide. He added that the company is looking forward to congratulating some new millionaires that would surely emerge in the coming months.

Fair Play Guarenteed

Random Insured Number Generators, or RiNG’s power the new Scratch Cards. This allows companies to insure the jackpot amount with insurance underwriters. In this way, the jackpot amounts are guaranteed, and players do not need to be concerned that the amount has already been won by someone else. Each card offers players the exact same odds of winning each time they ‘scratch’.

Lottoland currently holds the Guinness World record for largest online payout. The amount of £79 million was won on the online platform by a 36-year-old cleaner from Berlin, but the new games could well break records too.

Winning Opportunities Galore

Lottoland is based in Gibraltar and caters to operators and players all around the world. The company holds licenses to operate in the UK, South Africa, Latin America, Gibraltar, Italy, Ireland, and Australia.  It offers players the opportunity to bet of some of the world biggest lotteries, play online casino games, and scratch and win with a selection of Scratch Cards.

Unlike traditional lottery tickets that offer a prize that disappears when the amount is won, with Lottoland’s lotteries you are not purchasing a lottery ticket, but rather betting on the outcome of a draw and that the winning numbers are the ones you have selected. This means that if you bet correctly, you win the advertised jackpot even if someone else won it.

Lottoland is privately owned and employs 270 people from over 30 countries. It was established in 2013 and with the launch of its new Scratch Card it once again has cemented itself as an industry leader on a global basis.

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