2020 Global and Online Casino NZ Report Released

Elouise Spencer - 03 February 2021

A recent 2020 report reflecting on the online casino NZ and global iGaming market provides valuable insight into industry developments unfolded over recent months – as well as future predictions of what players can expect to experience as the market continues to flourish. From delving deeper into the ongoing popularity of online pokies to examining the preferred player platforms, the report provides excellent insight into the iGaming world.  

What makes the report so valuable is that it draws the reader’s attention to specific software providers and games development studios, with brands compared in such a way that it becomes easy for the end-user (the player) to differentiate between the different providers as well as determine the differences and comparisons between PC and mobile gaming when focusing on specific approaches by big-industry software companies. 

Included and discussed in the report are several leading iGaming vendors, including Microgaming, BetRadar, Playtech, IGT, SB Betting Software, Novomatic, SBTech, and BetConstruct.

Gaming Growth Despite Crisis

The report furthermore differentiates between not only PC and mobile gaming, but also analyses each studio’s software by type, i.e., live on-premises gambling and online gaming. In terms of the regional overview, the focus is on several established as well as emerging countries and regions, including North America, South American countries, France, Germany, the UK, Japan, India, Singapore, Argentina, Mexico, and Brazil.

Specific reference is all throughout the report made to the slowdown in world economic growth caused by the global health crisis, and how the global and online casino NZ industry, although also having suffered a measure of impact, has emerged largely victorious while maintaining relative optimism regarding future growth.

Also covered are manufacturer’s data, shipment (of on-premises gaming cabinets and machines), revenue, distribution, etc., as well as client information that may be used by gaming manufacturers.

PC Vs Mobile Casino Gaming

From the online casino NZ player’s point of view, the report may be valuable in as far as PC gaming vs mobile gaming is concerned.

Online pokies enthusiasts have long favoured the likes of Microgaming, Playtech, Play’n GO, NetEnt, and IGT, among others, for their online gaming entertainment. Each of these developers have focused considerably more on mobile gaming development over the course of the past 12 months than at any point in the past.

The mobile gaming and online pokie industry is expected to be worth around US$153 billion by 2027, while trailing a post global health crisis of 11, according to a report published by a prominent online casino media house in November last year.

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