NetEnt Introduces New Connect Platform

Elouise Spencer - 10 December 2019

Highly respected and acclaimed casino game developer NetEnt has made a significant announcement. The company has unveiled their own universal online platform, referred to as NetEnt Connect. The system has already officially been launched, although currently only has content from key partnered company, Red Tiger Gaming. Most will remember that the developer purchased Red Tiger Gaming not long ago.

A NetEnt spokesman elaborated on the new platform, adding additional details to the somewhat sudden announcement. It was divulged that although the platform has technically gone live, it is still in closed beta. This means it is not yet directly accessible to the public, and is still in a late testing phase.

Though, even with the status of the project being closed beta, it was made clear that more operators were expected to join NetEnt Connect before the end of the year, adding their own content and already establishing a company network.

Designed For Integration

Perhaps the most interesting part of NetEnt Connect is that it can be fully integrated with another creation of the developer, NetEnt Engage. This is the in-house developed software that adds additional layers of content to games, namely in the form of bonuses and additional gamification options. That the software comes standard as part of the platform is excellent news, given that all operators who choose to partner will have immediate access to these added benefit. This makes partnering a very enticing prospect.

Managing director at NetEnt, Henrik Fagerlund, took the opportunity to make it an even more enticing prospect, singing praises for his company, and the new platform in general. He pointed at that the ease with which Red Tiger Gaming content was added is testimony to how well NetEnt Connect works.

His conclusion was, simply, that the smooth launch proved just how hard employees at the company work, and how committed they were to making great products.

Broader Release Next Year

So some companies may already be keen to jump on board. But, it seems that they will be waiting for a little while longer. An official date for full release has not yet been given, but it was stated that the initial launch was being fully monitored, and that when technicians were comfortable that things were running smoothly, a wider release would be considered sometime early next year.

In the meantime all eyes will be on how the closed beta pans out. But early signs suggest that NetEnt are more than capable of managing their own worldwide developer network.