Pariplay Seals Videoslots Online Casino Deal

Elouise Spencer - 16 March 2020

Pariplay is moving full-steam ahead with its goal of expanding its presence in Europe on a large scale and a recent agreement concluded with Malta-based online casino operator Videoslots marks progress in leaps and bounds. According to the terms of the agreement, Pariplay will be providing its full portfolio of online casino games to Videoslots; a portfolio that currently consists of more than 100 proprietary pokies, as well as an entire catalogue of third-party developed games.

In 2019 Pariplay went all out by having obtained a Class II gaming licence in Romania. The company also launched its licensed products in Denmark as well as in Bulgaria. In addition to new online casino licences and jurisdictions, it furthermore strengthened existing relationships with a variety of other European countries. Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Belgium and the UK are now all part of the combined result of  of Pariplay’s ramped-up efforts in terms of a stronger foothold in Europe.

A Partnership Well Worth It

The decision to partner with Videoslots was, according to Pariplay commercial and marketing director Richard Mintz, a natural one. Mintz describes Videoslots as an online casino company with an amazing reputation and one that is recognised as such all across the industry. Mintz also said that the fact that the brand’s desire to branch out into more European markets is a corporate mission very much in line with its own, which makes the partnership to be all the more valuable to both ends of the table.

Mintz also referred to the dual beneficial nature of the partnership agreement and said that one hand the deal makes provision for Videoslots to offer to its growing customer base some of the best online casino games in the industry today, and on the other, for Pariplay to grow and expand.

International Compatibility

The fact that Pariplay’s online casino games are considered fit for an international audience is considered a definite and strategic benefit associated with the partnership. The deal includes top recent releases like Bloodshot: Rising Spirit, Treasure Temple and Phoenix Gold.

And needless to say, the Videoslots team is every bit excited about the new deal as what is the case in camp Pariplay. Head of online casino for the brand, William Ahlberg, describes the partnership with Pariplay as a very exciting development as it will extend to Videoslots’ customers more options regarding which quality games to choose and to play.