Launches Split-Screen Feature

Elouise Spencer - 29 July 2019

It’s one of those ideas that inspires the mind to ask a million-dollar question and one along the lines of, “why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?”. We’re referring of course to a recent land-mark concept launched by, and one that will enable players to activate a feature referred to as split-screen mode; an idea not completely alien to video gamers.

A split-screen view will enable players to play more than one pokies game at any given time, i.e. to play to games at the same time. The feature lends itself to either playing two games simultaneously or to display a game’s interface on one side of the screen and to make deposits, claim and manage rewards or even browse the available catalogue of available titles on the other side of the screen.

A Mobile-First Release

The feature was designed with mobile gaming in mind and as such is being released under the banner of a “mobile first” application. This doesn’t at all mean that the feature won’t be made available to desktop users, but merely that it will be mobile friendly and 100% compatible with mobile devices and mainstream mobile operating systems such as Android and Apple’s iOS.

The concept is a celebration of passion and true innovation, said Chief Executive Officer Alexander Stevendahl at the time of the official product information release. Stevendahl said that everybody at could be credited with having a healthy dose of both qualities and that being able to demonstrate the team’s commitment to gaming and entertainment in a tangible way was what the new feature was really all about.

Doubling Up On Experience

Mobile gaming is a sector that has experienced tremendous levels of growth over the course of recent times. The CEO said that this was the essence of what first prompted the idea to enable players to enjoy a double dose of mobile gaming pleasure every time they logged on to play their favourite games.

It’s all about making the most of the games, as well as the available time in which to play. Time is a precious commodity and by enabling players to cram more gaming into their available playtime, the provider is essentially creating a whole new industry standard and market expectation. uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details