Novomatic Strikes Casino Distribution Deal

Elouise Spencer - 04 September 2020

European based Novomatic AG, most known for developing and creating casino consoles, has officially joined forced with Australia-based Ainsworth Game Technology Limited. The details of the partnership state that Ainsworth Game Technology Limited will act as Novomatic AG’s distribution partner, specifically in the Asia-Pacific region.

A recent report stated that the Australian company will be utilising their Sydney based headquarters for the agreement. The establishment will, on behalf of the European giant, act as a representative, handling all casino related business in the lucrative, previously untapped region. Some of the areas included in the deal are South Korea, India, Cambodia, and New Zealand.

It is a big move for both companies involved, and certainly a sign that the corporations are gearing up to breach a new market.

Going Global

A closer look reveals that, within the allocated region, there are a number of highly lucrative casino areas covered by the partnership. This includes the famously high roller centric Macau, as well as Australia and Singapore.

In terms of specifics, sales vice president for Novomatic AG, and Asia-Pacific development head, Robert Dijkstra, will be taking on a role of dual representation. He will officially oversee both corporations moving forward, putting him in a position of enormous responsibility. Though, it is a deeper arrangement than first meets the eye, since Dijkstra will have an active position in both companies, making his duties essentially two fold.

But it is a challenge that he seems ready for, given his statement regarding the still unfolding situation.

Increasing Diversity

Dijkstra made an official statement, shedding some light on the complicated development. He stated that by joining forces both Novomatic AG and Ainsworth Game Technology would effectively be increasing their casino portfolio diversity in a big way. But, he elaborated, by using a single channel of distribution diversity would be achieved while simultaneously reducing overall complications in a big way.

He concluded by stating that he was looking forward to overseeing the operation, and reaffirmed that, in his eyes, the move was one that would benefit stakeholders for both corporations.

How the partnership unfolds remains to be seen. But, as the two companies move forward, it should be kept in mind that in January 2018 Novomatic AG purchased a 52.52% stake in Ainsworth Game Technology. At the time of the purchase it was stated that the investment would allow for a faster global growth strategy. That strategy is now clearly coming to pass.

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