Big Changes Happening In the Poker World

Elouise Spencer - 07 February 2020

The international game of Poker is going through some big changes at the moment – both online and land-based, especially tournaments. Some changes are for the better and others not so much. For land-based games, the Coronavirus has had a lot to say. The casino industry in Macau, specifically, is suffering as people are hesitant to travel or congregate in large groups. This has also had a knock-on effect for Poker tournaments.

World Series Of Poker Postponed?

With the death toll starting to rise from the Coronavirus, many events organisers around the world are becoming hesitant to move forward with their plans. Several sporting matches have already been cancelled in various countries.

In the gambling industry, the Triton Poker Super High Roller Series that is meant to take place in February in South Korea has already been postponed. In a statement to the press, the tournament organisers said that they have to consider the safety of the players and the casino support staff. A new date for the tournament has not been given yet, but the organisers have promised to keep players updated. The statement also sent out the thoughts and prayers of the organisers to those who had already contracted the disease and their families.

The next question is whether or not the World Series of Poker will be cancelled or postponed. With the main event due to take place in Las Vegas later this year, it is still to be seen what will actually happen. It is the hope that the spread of the virus will be under control by then. It is also unlikely that the event will be cancelled as the number of people still travelling through and staying in the city is still at normal levels.

Facial Recognition To Change Online

On the positive side, there is potentially a big new change coming to the online world of Poker. Rob Young, owner of the Dusk Till Dawn card room and famous businessman, put up a poll on Twitter and asked if players would like facial recognition software added to the casino game for security purposes. The overwhelming response was positive, with 85 percent of voters saying yes.

It is clearly believed that this extra level of security will improve player confidence in online operators, which will have the impact of boosting the popularity of the card game in the future. Young has now put the proposal to PartyPoker in the hopes that where they lead, others will follow.

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