YG Masters Inks True Lab Online Casino Deal

Elouise Spencer - 12 May 2020

A while ago, Yggdrasil Gaming embarked on a new model of doing business – a model that would ultimately not only serve to grow its own business, but also the prospects of its online casino partners. And now that YG Masters has been declared a full-on launched success, the program appears to be going from strength to strength as it continues to grow and expand.

Since the very core that stands central to the YG Masters concept is the upliftment and development of others, it’s a proud moment each time a new developer is added to the YG Masters portfolio. And now that True Lab has been officially welcomed to the YG Masters family, the sky truly is the only remaining limit. 

True Lab will not only gain instant access to Yggdrasil Gaming’s proprietary Game Adaptation Tools & Interface (GATI) platform of technology and business tools, but it also now stands to enjoy all the support and benefits that go hand-in-hand with being incorporated into the program’s inner circle.

Additional benefits include end-to-end support in terms of design, development and also all distribution processes relevant to the ever-evolving giant that is the world of iGaming. What’s more, becoming part of YG Masters offers to all partners a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tap into one of the world’s largest online casino game and technology distribution networks.  

A Little Bit Of History

When Yggdrasil last year announced a planned division of its development operation into three separate functions or legs of business, the industry instinctively knew that something significant was in the offing. The brand ultimately divided its scope of operations as follows: YG Masters (games development and distribution), YG Game IP (game IP licensing) and YG Franchise (platform IP licensing).

All three combined would going forward be united under the umbrella of the online casino developer/distributor’s Yggdrasil’s Publishing arm. True Lab naturally now falls under the coverage of the YG Masters program.

True Lab is a Malta-based iGaming content developer and part of the True Flip online casino group. Its focus is on creating HTML5 games by applying tailor-designed mathematical models to core iGaming design processes. The True Flip casino group is a supplier of top-quality titles to an entire global network of operator-partners.  

Endless Potential Awaits

Needless to say, the incorporation of True Lab into Yggdrasil’s YG Masters program is a source of pure excitement for both parties. Head of Partner Strategy and Sourcing at Yggdrasil Gaming, Stuart McCarthy, has described the pleasure of being in a position to welcome the partner-developer as not only thrilling, but also an investment on the part of Yggdrasil, and in its own future endeavours.

True Lab is obviously very much on the same page and is excited about the idea of being able to learn from and work with the best in the online casino business.