Great Online Pokies NZ

Two of the top software developers of online pokies NZ are Microgaming and Aristocrat.  Microgaming is based in the Isle of Man but Aristocrat is based in our “neighbor” to the west, in Sydney to be exact.  Aristocrat pokies often have an Australian motif or flavor to them but we Kiwis find them extremely enjoyable.  Many readers ask for advice on the best way to play online pokies, so we’ll try to give you a few tips.

A Massive Collection of Pokies

The aforementioned Microgaming and Aristocrat are far from the only online pokies producers!  There is simply a huge number of fun and exciting pokies out there in cyberspace!  Microgaming usually has exclusive rights to produce all the pokies for given sites while you can often find Aristocrat pokies and those of some other developers sharing space on selected sites. 

Play Now

Play for Free First

This means that you really ought to play any pokies for the first time in practice mode.  Any top-level online casino will have practice mode.  In this way, you learn the game before you begin to play these online pokies with real money.

Play in NZ Dollars

It’s such a hassle to have to convert NZ dollars to a more common currency.  So, we recommend playing at online casinos that accept NZ dollars.  It isn’t just being able to deposit or withdraw in NZ dollars.  It also means that you automatically know how much you’ve won when you get a pokies bonus in NZ dollars.  Every modern pokie has a bonus round, usually launched by three Scatter symbols.  These rounds often reward the lucky gamer with substantial cash bonuses.  It’s such a pleasure to know exactly how much bonus money you have without needing to take out a calculator and figure out the conversion.

Welcome Bonuses

Look for top bonuses for new players.  Every casino has some sort of bonus system to attract new gamers.  We suggest looking for a no deposit bonus for online pokies.  All Welcome Bonuses have a play through requirement: you have to wager a certain multiple of the bonus before you can withdraw winnings.  This makes perfect sense; before online casinos caught on, some players simply signed up, deposited, received their bonus and withdrew their money.  As you might imagine, it didn’t take long for online casinos to change their policy and institute play through requirements!

If you love to play New Zealand pokies online, you’ll be happy to learn that online pokies have the highest per wager rate for defraying your play through requirement.  Just another great reason to play online pokies NZ!

What Makes Pokies So Much Fun to Play?

In the old days, about a century ago, pokies were simple machines.  Every pokie looked the same.  They were fun to play but the fun wore off quickly.  Today, every pokie game has a motif, fits smoothly into a genre, has bonus spins and cash wins, and allows you to become part of the story.

There are possibly hundreds of themes in modern video slots games.  If you like rugged adventure, you’ll have a large selection of pokies to choose from.  If you’re in the mood for some romance, you can bring out the tissues and choose from a slew of storylines.  The same holds true for just about any theme you might have a fancy for in a slots game.

Extra Benefits in Modern Pokies

The first extra benefit that anyone who plays online pokies NZ looks for is Wild Symbols.  Wilds substitute for every other symbol except the Scatter Symbols (see below!).  Sometimes a win made with a Wild is multiplied by a pre-determined factor.  So, if you’re set to win $50 for a win, if a Wild helped make the win, you might win $150.

Wilds are often stacked on a reel.  This means that the Wilds will affect many paylines.  When you play a game with stacked Wilds, it always pays to play every payline! 

Sometimes Wilds cascade on the reels when they effect a win.  The winning combination drops off the screen and new symbols come on in their stead and can create another win.  Cascading Wilds can create many wins for the lucky player.

Scatter Symbols

Scatter symbols usually send the player to the bonus round.  Every game that has a bonus round will organize it in its own way.  One common theme in bonus rounds is a combination of multipliers and free spins.  If you choose more spins, you get a lower multiplier and vice versa.

Scatter symbols pay in all positions unlike in most games where winning combinations go from left to right.  In many games, two Scatter symbols also create a win unlike every other symbol which requires three for a win.

Good Reasons to Use Practice Mode

These special game nuances are why we say that the best way to play online pokies when you’re unfamiliar with the games and before playing online pokies for real money is in practice mode.  Here is also where the no deposit bonus for online pokies helps new players become acquainted with a casino and its games.  Many gamers simply don’t enjoy playing in practice mode.  As an aside, let us say that every player ought to learn to enjoy practice mode because it will save money in the long run.  The no deposit bonus for online pokies gives such gamers a chance to gamble at the casino’s expense.  These no deposit bonuses are not very big, but frugal wagering can make them last a long time!

Progressive Pokies

If you absolutely love playing online pokies for real money, then progressive jackpots may be the perfect way for you to test your luck!  Progressive jackpots often get over one million dollars so, you will be very handsomely rewarded if you’re very lucky!

Pokies Tournaments

Many online casinos sponsor pokies tournaments.  Some casinos specialize in this type of pokies promotion; they have many tournaments going on at all times!  No matter what your personal preference in online pokies is, there is no doubt that you can find your niche playing online pokies NZ! uses cookies to give the best experience possible. Please read our Cookie Policy for more details