Kathmandu Mobile Pokies

NZ online casino games only get better over time, and one of the most prominent examples for that is the Kathmandu Mobile Pokies game, which featured with more bonuses, benefits, ways to win, and gambling methods than ever before. With unique benefits, such as two different Wild symbols, a Gamble Feature, etc. it is no surprise players simply can't stop playing this game!

This time, even if you don't know how to play mobile pokies, you can still enjoy like everyone else by winning up to 6,000 credits in one spin, play 15 spins completely for free, yet keep on winning more and more real money credits, and discover yourself all the other wonderful benefits the mobile casino NZ has prepared for you!

What are you waiting for? It is time to learn everything about this game and to start playing it as quickly as you can!

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Winning 15 Free Spins Is Now Easier Than Ever Before!

The Scatter Bell is surely a very special, and important, symbol which can make your game more rewarding than ever before in no time at all. Once three, four, or five Scatter Bell symbols appear on the reels, on adjacent lines, the 15 free spins will start right away. Besides being a very special gaming mode, in which the theme, music, and animations are much more exciting, this mode is also known for benefiting a lot to the player's payline.

During these 15 special spins, the players will not be required to deposit a thing, yet they will be able to keep on winning real money credits. In addition to that, players will also benefit with the 5X multiplier which will greatly increase their overall winning rate during the mode. All of the credits will be eventually added to their payline.

Scatter Also Pays Credits!

Besides increasing players' chances to win credits, and a lot of them, the Scatter Bell symbol has “another card in the sleeve” for you. The more such symbols appearing next to one another on the reels, the greater payout rate a player will be able to enjoy from. This way, winning two Scatter symbols will benefit a player with 1 credit right away, while having three such symbols will make the player enjoy a 3 credits payout immediately.

If players win four Scatter symbols, they can be positive their winnings will be no less than 25 credits, immediately, and if they are lucky enough to have 5 Scatter Bells on their reels, they can also be sure they will get to enjoy a 100 credits payout in no time at all! All Scatter wins will be multiplied by total bet.

Wild – Substitutes the Symbols

Wild symbol can be easily recognized due to the title appearing on the relevant symbol. This symbol is considered very special since it is capable of replacing all other symbols on the reels besides the Scatter and the Secondary Wild symbol. This function of the Wild symbols makes it easier than ever before for players to increase their winning chances greatly. Once a wild symbol appears next to two symbols of the same kind, it can function as if it was the third one, and thus participate in the creation process of a “three of a kind” winning combination.

Similarly, four and five of a kind winning combinations can be created with Wild symbols and the compatible number of identical symbols which should all appear on adjacent reels. Besides enjoying a fun winning, players will also be able to have greater payout rates than were initially possible for them. When it comes to “two of a kind” + Wild, the difference is actually between having a nice payout, and no payout at all.

The Secondary Wild Symbol

As promised, players who choose to play Kathmandu Mobile Pokies Game have more than a regular gaming experience – they get to enjoy some very unique symbols they will not be able to find anywhere else! A secondary Wild symbol exists over here, and it can be recognized due to the palace image appearing on it. This symbol can also serve as a substitute to other symbol appearing on the reels, excluding the Scatter Bell. However, the special feature of this symbol is its ability to appear during the free spins mode, and thus increase players' ability to win additional credits (which will be 5X multiplied, of course), for zero credits' deposits!

Gamble Feature – The Unique Game's Benefit

The unique benefits are yet to be over! A Gamble Feature is also a part of the game, and it can create a much more special gaming experience than the one gamers were used to up to this day! By clicking the Gamble button, players are able to double or quadruple their winnings according to the gambling choice they make.

Once the mode starts, the players will be asked to pick either a card colour, or a card suit. If they chose a correct card colour, they get to double their win, and in case their card suit choice was correct, their winning will be 4X multiplied!

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It is Time to Enjoy Some Gambling Methods

When playing Kathmandu Mobile Pokies game, the gamers benefit with much more than the regular and the unique rewards of the game. The gambling features existing in Kathmandu, make it easier than ever before, for any player, to gain a greater sense of control over the game, and to decide how to play, how to win, and what is the range of the winning potential rate. Are you ready to learn how to do so yourself?!

Select Lines

By selecting lines, players are able, more than ever before, to choose what they gamble. It is possible to select only one line, all lines, or anything in – between. Players will be able to use either their Select Lines button, or the numbered buttons appearing next to the lines on the screen. It is possible to change the number of lines selected over and over again prior to clicking the Spin button. Moreover, after the reels are spun, the gamers will be able to choose all over again the number of lines they bet, and selecting no lines at all is also a possibility.

Bet Max

The Bet Max button is the ultimate way to reward players who have no patience until they can bet the highest depositing amount possible. While it is possible to gain ultimate control over the depositing rate by using the Select Coins feature, and the + and – button appearing on the lower part of the screen, it is also possible to enjoy a shortcut! Clicking the Bet Max button will save players, who already know they are interested in betting as much as possible, the need to click the + button over and over again. A single click of a button will definitely do.

Good luck!

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