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At some point, almost every country in the world has had a king. Some kings have been kind and ruled wisely while others have been foolish and careless regarding the ways that they wield their power. One thing that all kings have in common is their love of the better things in life, exemplified by standards of living that range from comfortable to extravagant. The Kings of Cash online pokies follows a group of carefree kings as they cavort through cash, coins, bling and other symbols of wealth.

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Kings of Cash online pokies is available on the platform of your choice at the NZ online casino. You can play the Kings of Cash pokies NZ at the Download Casino via the casino's downloaded software on your personal desktop or laptop PC, at the Flash Casino on any Internet browser or at the Mobile Casino on your tablet or smartphone mobile device. Regardless of your selected gaming platform you'll enjoy a high quality casino event with vivid, high definition graphic images which combines with a sound track that creates a genuine Las Vegas casino experience on your gaming screen.

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Kings of Cash is a five reel, fifteen payline and three hundred coin slot machine that is easy to play. To start your Kings of Cash online pokies real money adventure, select the game from the casino's games lobby and click "Lines" to choose the number of paylines that you want to play. You can play as many or as few of the game's 300 paylines as you want but remember – only completed combinations that occur on an activated payline results in a real money win. Therefore, it's a good idea to activate as many of the lines as you can.

To increase your bet, click the "+" symbol. To decrease your bet, click the "-" symbol. Then, click "Spin" to start the reels spinning. As soon as three matching symbols, with the first symbol appearing on the left-most reels, line up on an activated payline, you will have achieved a win and will earn a payout.

Kings of Cash symbols include the King of Spades, King of Clubs, King of Hearts and King of Diamonds playing cards. There are also images of crowns, piles of glittering gold, kings' crests, thrones, dollar signs and more.

Special Symbols

The Kings of Cash logo is the game's Wild symbol. The wild can substitute for any symbol, other than the scatter or Crown symbols, to create additional completed paylines. If a spin results in multiple Kings of Cash Logos emerging on an enabled payline, a Wild Symbol combination forms, triggering the payout of a Wild Symbol Combination win.

The game's Scatter symbol is the Royal Banner symbol. The Royal Banner symbol completes winning scatter combinations whenever three or more Royal Banners appear in any position (not necessarily on an enabled payline and not necessarily on reels that are alongside one another) on the reels. Scatter wins are calculated by multiplying the scatter symbol combination payout by the number of coins bet on the spin.

The appearance of three or more Scatters also activates the Free Spins Bonus Game.

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Free Spins Bonus Game

As soon as a regular game spin results in the emergence of three scatter symbols, you'll be taken into the Free Spins round and presented with up to 25 free spins. The number of scatters that activated the Free spins game indicates the number of free spins that you've won. The paylines and bets for the free spins are the same as the spin that activated the bonus game. Every free spin win is multiplied by 10x.

If three or more Royal Banner symbols appear, scattered on the reels during the free spins round, you receive additional free spins which are added to your remaining number of free spins.

Bonus Game

When three or more Crowns emerge on the reels during a free spin, scattered in any pattern, they activate the Kings of Cash bonus game. The top prize in this bonus game is 300,000 coins. As soon as the bonus game begins, you're presented with 12 concealed symbols. Your objective is to try and match symbols. You click cards until you find three king cards of the same suit. Your match creates a win which is multiplied by your bet amount for an expanded payout. After you complete your win, the slot machine returns you to the regular game unless you reactivate the free spins during the bonus game.

Gamble Feature

Any regular game win activates the Gamble feature. You can play the feature when it's offered or you can skip it and continue to play the regular game. You have five possible gamble rounds.

To Gamble, hit the "Gamble "button after a regular game win. You will be presented with a concealed card. The machine will give you the choice of guessing the card's colour (black or red) or suit (hearts, diamonds, clubs or spades).

If you correctly guess the card colour, your existing wins double. If you correctly guess the card suit, your existing payouts quadruple. You automatically collect your winnings and then return to the regular game. You can also gamble again if you are still under your five-gamble limit.

More Cash

When you play Kings of Cash online pokies you have even more opportunities to collect payouts, thanks to the casino's bonus promotions. The casino bonuses are added to your regular game wins, your free spins wins, your gamble wins and your bonus game wins, creating a significantly higher win average.

The casino offers multiple bonus promotions. New players are invited to collect their Welcome Bonus of match bonus gaming credits on their first deposit during their Welcome Week of casino activity. All gamers receive Loyalty Points, based on the games that they play, the amount of time that they gamble and the level of their deposits. And everyone plays and everyone wins in the monthly and seasonal casino draws and promotional games.

Play Kings of Cash online pokies and became your own King of Cash!

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