Mermaids Millions Mobile Pokies

The NZ online casino industry is only getting better and better over time. Games include more exciting benefits and rewards, and players have a larger variety of games, than ever before, to choose from. Players are able to enjoy a constantly improving gaming atmosphere, which includes more bonuses than ever, as well as thrilling gambling methods and many ways to win. Whether you already know how to play pokies on mobile, or you are just learning it right now, there is absolutely no doubt Mermaids Millions Mobile Pokies will be considered by you a wonderful game to play. Both new players, as well as experienced ones, greatly enjoy the ability to win up to 7500 coins in one spin, let alone use the Treasure Bonus Feature which is unique to this game. Let's get to know this game!

Scatter – the Beautiful Blond Mermaid & the Monetary Prize

The good looking blond mermaid is your sign you are greatly benefited with a wonderful symbol. When it comes to credits, it only takes a few of its kind to appear on adjacent reels, and you will be able to raise your payline worth right away.

Two Scatter symbols will grant the players with 2 credits in no time at all, while three such symbols will let the gamblers enjoy 4 credits right away. Four Scatters benefit the gamers with 50 credits, and if the players are lucky enough to win 5 Scatters in a single spin, they will also be lucky enough to enjoy the 400 credits payout as well.

The Scatter and the Free Spins

Crediting players with a lot of coins is surely an important part of the Scatter's purpose in this game, however it is not its only one, and definitely not the main. Once three, four or five Scatter symbols appear on a player's reels, next to one another, he or she can be positive the Free Spins mode will start right away.

During this mode, the players will be able to enjoy nothing less than 10 free spins, in which they will deposit no coins at all. Their winnings, however, will still be real money credits, which will all be added to the payline. Not only that, but all the winnings during the free spins will be tripled before making it to the player's balance of coins! Moreover, players will be able to enjoy the Re – Triggered Free Spins Feature when playing this special mobile pokies bonus!

Wild – the Powerful Merman & the Monetary Prize

Wild has always been considered as one of the most powerful and game – changing symbols in the pokies world. This symbol is capable of making the whole game alter completely in a matter of seconds, and we will soon understand why. When it comes to the monetary part, there is no doubt players are also greatly benefited: two Wild symbols will credit players with 5 coins right away, and three such symbols will let players enjoy a 200 payout prize in no time at all. Players who make it to win four Scatter symbols in one spin, can also enjoy a very high benefit of 2000 credits, and if they are lucky enough to have 5 Wilds on their reels, they will also enjoy the 7500 credits prize on the spot!

Wild As a Substituting Symbol

As previously mentioned, the Wild symbol is capable of making dramatic changes in the game in no time at all, and that is so due to its ability to serve as a substitute to all symbols on the reels besides the Scatter and the Treasure Bonus. This way, every two identical symbols appearing on the reels will function as if they were a “three of a kind” winning combination simply by having a Wild symbol appearing next to them. Three and four of a kind combinations, which appear next to a Wild, will function just as four and five of a kind right away. The main change that will occur due to that will be in the payout, since three of a kind + Wild will produce the payout of the “four of a kind” combination, and so on.

Treasure Bonus – 'Cause You Deserve Some Unique Benefits

Besides having the Scatter and Wild bonuses, which surely contribute a lot to the players' ability to enjoy the game, a Treasure Bonus symbol also exists and takes an integral part of the game. This symbol, which can be easily recognized thanks to the wooden box with golden lines upon it, can benefit players with some very high payouts. Three symbols of its kind can grant players with a special payout of 36 to 1500 coins right away, and four such symbols will let the players enjoy 48 to 2000 coins in no time at all. Then players who make it to win 5 Treasure Bonus symbols, can also be confident they made it to win 60 to 2500 coins as well. If that is not enough, players will surely like to discover this Bonus feature can be triggered during the free spins as well!!!

Enjoy the Gambling Methods

Although benefits and rewards are very prominent in creating the players' thrilling experience in Mermaids Millions Mobile Pokies, they are surely not the only ones. By getting to know better the gaming methods, players can gain better control over the game and enjoy even better payouts and a sense of thrill. So, what can we expect to find here?


This special feature lets players decide which lines they want to bet. Before every spin begins, the players will be able to pick the number of lines they bet, and change it as many times as they want to before they click the Spin button. At the beginning of the next round, they will be able to change it again.

Coins & Bet

From now on, the control over the depositing rate is absolutely in the hands of the players! Before every round begins, players are able to change their depositing rate, and increase or decrease it as much as they want to, according to the game's maximal and minimal limits. In case players feel it is time to keep a low profile, for example, they can reduce the number of coins deposited, and once they feel more adventurous again, they can even raise it to the max! Players will surely like to keep in mind that the greater their deposit rate is, the higher their winning potential gets. Moreover, it is also good to remember that there is no limit on the number of times players can change their rates.

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