Mega Moolah Mobile Progressive

There are so many reasons that Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies is a great mobile game!  We’ll just have to take them one at a time! 

Quick Riches in a Matter of Moments

When you download the mobile pokies apps for Mega Moolah, you’ll be getting a game that is exactly what mobile gaming was designed for: the chance to win millions of dollars in just a couple of seconds when you have the chance for a few quick spins.  When you play on your PC, you first have to wait for the entire computer to boot up; then you can go to the casino and play.

When you’re on the go and have a few seconds for a quick spin or two on your mobile device, all you have to do is swipe, click, spin, win!

A lucky gamer took out his mobile device, swiped the screen, clicked on the Mega Moolah icon on the screen, clicked spin, and, who knows, he may have retired with his €13,000,000 win!  The benefits of quick access!

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The Basic Symbols: Part 1

These are the standard 10-Ace symbols.

The Basic Symbols: Part 2

Here’s where Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies begins to stand out amongst the mobile pokies!  Now, you’re on an African Safari and if you thought the animals in the Outback were rugged and dangerous, well, you must check out these ferocious but lovable African Savannah animals!

The zebra’s cute smile shows his pleasure when you win; the elephant rumbles through the Savannah; the giraffe’s head is far away as it eats leaves from the tall branches.  When you win, you see a close-up of his face.  The antelope is the swiftest on the Savannah; it also has an impish smile on its face.  The buffalo in the wild gives off a terrible stink but not in Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies.

Mobile Graphics Come to Life

The great safari animals in Mega Moolah could not have been successfully brought to mobile without the help of extraordinary mobile graphics.  Mega Moolah plays extremely well on both mobile phones and tablets.

Microgaming Hits the Jackpot

Every NZ online casino that features Microgaming games will have a big, splashy link to Mega Moolah.  Microgaming introduced Mega Moolah a number of years ago and it was instantly popular amongst online casino gamers.

Mega Moolah was a gamer favourite before the first monster jackpot was won but it went viral after a lucky gamer won 6.9 million dollars in 2009.

Now the name Mega Moolah is synonymous with online progressive jackpots!

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About Those World Famous Progressive Jackpots

There are actually four progressive jackpots in Mega Moolah.  No NZ online casino, or any Chinese online casino, could sponsor million dollar jackpots locally.  Mega Moolah’s big jackpots are worldwide.  They are created by being connected to the massive Microgaming network.

In its infinite wisdom, Microgaming gave the four jackpots names: mini, minor, major, and mega.  To win a progressive jackpot, you have to get to the Jackpot Wheel.  You can win a huge jackpot even if you make a minimum bet.  The chances of winning increase as your bet size increases but many a huge jackpot has been won by a gamer making a small bet.

Each jackpot has a guaranteed minimum win:

The Symbols: Part 3

The lion is the Wild symbol.  This is no cowardly lion.  It roars like a lion ought to when it helps you score a win.  When the lion gets you a win, it is doubled.

The lion is also the most lucrative symbol when it gets a win on its own!  Three lions are worth 125 coins; four lions are worth 1500 coins; and five lions are worth 15,000 coins.

Betting Options

The basic wager is 0.01.  You can also bet 0.02 and 0.05.  You can bet up to five coins per payline. So, if you get five Wild symbols, you’ll get 75,000 coins if you’ve bet the full 5 coins on the winning payline.

There are 25 paylines on the five reels of Mega Moolah so, if you bet the max on all 25 paylines, you will be betting $6.50 per spin! 

The Scatter Symbol

The Scatter symbol is a monkey.  You have to look really close to make out that the scatter is a monkey.  Its hair is dyed white and red. Its skin is a shade of purple not often seen on the African Savannah (LOL)!

The monkey gets you to the free spins bonus.  Three monkeys get you 15 free spins with a 3x multiplier.  The free spins are retriggered if you get three more Scatters whilst you’re running through your free spins.

Graphics, Animation, and Sound

Mega Moolah pulls out all the stops to bring you a mega-entertaining pokies on its own, even if you don’t win the big jackpot.   Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies uses the best mobile technology so every sound comes through brilliantly.  The basic background music is African tribal drumming and chant music.  When the monkey shows up for a win, it shrieks like a….monkey!  The lion roars like the King of the Jungle should.  The other animals also express their joy whenever they contribute to a win!

In addition to the top-notch sound quality on mobile, the animation is also stellar.  In short, Mega Moolah leads the class in entertaining mobile pokies.

Play Mega Moolah on PC or Mobile

You truly have to play Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies to get the full feel of the game.  The orange background gives you the feel of a safari at sunrise or sunset. The big jackpots are completely random.  You don’t have to be a high roller to win huge jackpots!

Mega Moolah has paid out over $300,000,000 so far!  So, for entertainment at the highest level and the chance to win a big jackpot, play Mega Moolah on PC or Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies at your favourite NZ online casino.

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