Online Sports Betting, NZ Style

When it comes to online sports betting, NZ punters are very lucky. They’re spoilt for choice in terms of top-quality, safe and secure bookmakers and the wagering options that are on offer.

To make the most of what is available, of course, you need to know a little bit about the basics of sports betting. That’s why we’ve put a beginner’s guide together for you here.

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Profit From the Games You Love

To do well in sports betting you need to understand the sport and the potential bets that you could place. That’s why it’s best to wager on what you love already – if you’re a rugby fan, for example, be sure to make a few predictions on the Tri-Nations Cup or whatever the next championship happens to be.

Of course, you can also learn about new disciplines and then stake a little money on them. Learning about and analysing different sports is one of the great pleasures of wagering on the results. When online betting in New Zealand, you’ll have a huge array of mainstream and unconventional options, such as Soccer and Darts respectively, to choose from.

A Choice of Diverse Markets

In sports betting, “markets” refers to the different bets that are possible on a specific sport. The simplest is a Straight Bet, where you predict the outright winner of an event. Depending on the situation online sports betting NZ sites also offer markets on who will score the next goal, what the total goal amount for both sides will be, who will be injured on the field, and many other predictions.

There are also Over/Under bets, where you need to say whether the combined final score will be above or below a bookie-set amount. You can even make very specific Proposition, or Prop, Bets, on certain events. For example, in the Super Bowl there is a tradition of dumping Gatorade over the head of the winning team’s coach – and many sites allow you to predict what colour the sickly sweet beverage will be!

In certain sports, such as American Football, wagers can follow a handicapping, Point Spread, format, rather than a straight Moneyline format. In the case of the Point Spread, the favourites are penalised and the underdogs given extra points before kick-off, in an attempt to even the playing field. There are even more options for online betting in New Zealand, and the longer you spend on wagering and winning, the more intrigued you will become.

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Understanding Odds

When online sports betting NZ bettors will usually see American, Decimal and Fractional Odds. They all give you the same information, but you might find one easier to read and understand than the others. Of course, it almost goes without saying that the sites we recommend offer highly competitive odds and payouts.

Decimal Odds show the potential return for every unit wagered, while Fractional Odds show your potential profit. To calculate your takings, you need to multiply your stake by the Fractional Odds given.

American Odds are less common on Kiwi sites, and can be positive or negative. Positive Odds show how much you would win from a $100 bet, and Negative Odds tell you how much you need to wager if you want a $100 profit. For example, Negative Odds of -$250 mean you need to put down $250 to profit by $100 while with Positive Odds of +250 you’ll win $250 for every $100 you wager.

Pros and Cons

Online sports betting NZ has both advantages and disadvantages:



Huge selection of bookmakers at your fingertips.

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